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Cultural Protocols Index

Postby Aquinas » Wed Jan 27, 2016 2:57 am

In accordance with the Game Rules, the cultural statuses of the nations are listed below. Players in Culturally Protected nations are bound by section 6 of the rules on culture, whilst players in Culturally Open nations are not.

Updated: WIP (12/14/2019)

Culturally Protected
Aloria: German & Welsh (✔)
Dorvik : German (based on Prussian and Imperial Germany) (✔)
Dundorf: German (based on modern German and East Germany through RP)
Hawu Mumenhes/Ikradon: Ancient Egyptian-speaking African American (✔)
Hobrazia Georgian
Kirlawa: Anglo-Celtic and Celtic culture
Kundrati: Basque-Roman
Luthori : English
Malivia: Indian and Afro-Caribbean mix
Narikaton and Darnussia: Dutch and German (✔)
Rutania: English

Badara: Arab (loosely based on Libya, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait) (✔)
Beiteynu: Jewish (✔)
Barmenistan/Barmenia: Kurdish, Jelbic/Brmek or Aramaic/Syriac (✔)
Cildania: Maltese (✔)
Cobura: Coptic Egyptian & Ethiopian, African Arab, Esperanto-speaking Byzantine (✔)
Deltaria: Slavic (✔)
Istalia/Quanzar: Italian
Jakania: Turkish (Majority) Greek and Arab (Minorities)
Jelbania: Jelbic-speaking Central Asian
Kafuristan: Majority Arab with Chinese, West African & other minorities
Kalopia/Wantuni Majority Greek with Arab, Albanian and other minorities.
Selucia: Ancient Roman
Solentia: Arabic (based on the areas of Iraq, Yemen and Oman) (✔)
Vanuku: Jelbic and Dutch-speaking mix of Dutch, Mongolian and Arab
Zardugal: Esperanto-speaking Byzantine with Ethiopian minority.

Keris and Makon
[url]]Davostag/Davostan[/url]: Danish, Icelandic (✔)
Egelion: Hispanic
Hutori: "Hutorian" (akin to American/Australian/Canadian)
New Endralon/Kizenia: Romanian and Hungarian
Telamon: Icelandic
Trigunia: Russian with a Cossack Ukrainian minority

Aldegar: Iranian/Persian (based on non-Arabic Persian/Iranian) (✔)
Alduria: French (✔)
Baltusia: English (American) (✔)
Kalistan: California-American with Asian influences
Keymon: English/Corsican/Sardinian (Generally considered part of Seleyan, sometimes Artania)
Likatonia: American
Mordusia : English, French (based loosely on Australia)
Rildanor : French
Saridan: Afrikaner
Tukarali: Portuguese
Valruzia: Polish

Dovani (Player Nations)
Dankuk: Multicultural Korean, Filipino and Welsh
Hulstria/Gishoto : Austrian-Japanese mix
Indrala/Yingdala: Chinese
Kazulia : Scandinavian
Lourenne: French (tropical)
Vorona: A medieval inspired England based around Akigan (Old English), Doron (Gothic)
Sekowo: Japanese
Talmoria: West African

Culturally Open
Updated: 12/14/2019
Beluzia (No known cultural background)
Dolgava/Dolgaria: Latvian, Estonian, German (based on the Baltics)
Gaduridos: Caribbean-esque Spanish-Italian with Anglo and Chinese influences
Endralon: Hungarian with Croatian minority
Kanjor: French
Pontesi: Armenian with Roman and Jelbic-speaking minorities
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