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Re: Cultural Protocol Violation Reports

Postby FPC » Fri May 04, 2018 1:28 pm

CanFly wrote:

Not sure what language this is... possibly German ? Anyway it’s not the national language Of Talmoria

Thanks, I'll message the user and ask him to change it.
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Re: Cultural Protocol Violation Reports

Postby Aquinas » Tue Sep 18, 2018 11:32 am

This report follows a discussion I saw on the #culture-and-design channel on Discord, although I felt it would probably be better for me to raise my concerns here rather than joining in the debate there.

There is a situation going on in Dorvik where the ruling Dorvische Blaue Kalifat Party is trying to make Dorvik an Ahmadi (OOC: Muslim) country, with a Caliph and with Ahmadism as the official state religion. This is despite the fact that according to Dorvik's Cultural Protocol, Ahmadis have no measurable presence in that country.

When this was raised on the server, CM responded:

There is a 2.5% Others section in Dorvik's CP and the characters are German. While it does seem rather ridiculous, it can be justified rp wise by the crazy party leader wanting to make Ahmadism the state religion. However the state religion thing should have the article (via the porposal) for state religion on there. Thats my opinion on the matter.
Not exactly the most realistic but imo still borderline acceptable

I am hoping Moderation will reconsider this verdict.

As I pointed out earlier, the current Game Rules lack specificity when it comes to outlining what the requirements are for playing in Culturally Protected nations. For this reason, the verdict CM delivered on the Discord server is arguably well within Moderation's realm of discretion, although I would personally argue it would be the wrong approach to take in this case.

Please allow me to quote what the previous Game Rules said on this subject:

6. Culture.

Some nations in Particracy have Cultural Protocols, meaning they are "Culturally Protected" and bound by this section of the rules, whilst others are "Culturally Open" and are not. The Cultural Protocols Index should be consulted for more information about the cultural situation of each nation.

6.1 All role-play must respect the established cultural background in Culturally Protected nations.

6.1.1 The players in a nation have an individual and collective responsibility to be mindful of the nation's cultural complexion and take it into account in their role-play decisions. For example, it would usually be unreasonable for a party to present itself primarily as the representative of a minuscule ethnic or religious minority, since realistically such a party would be unlikely to win significant electoral support. Similarly, for example, in a nation split between 2 ethnic communities and with 4 players, it would be reasonable to have 2 cross-ethnic parties and an ethnic-based party for each ethnic group, but it would usually be unreasonable for all 4 parties to be ethnic-based parties representing the same ethnic group. In cases where too many parties belong to one cultural or religious group and Moderation is brought in to arbitrate, the onus will generally be on the more recently-established party to amend its identity.

6.1.2 Special care must be taken to ensure realism is maintained when role-playing a government controlled by an ethnic and/or religious minority. If it is to be supposed that this government is supported by a majority of the population, then this should be plausibly and sufficiently role-played. The burden of proof is on the player or players role-playing such a regime to demonstrate that it is being done realistically.

I believe this outlines the right approach to take in a situation like this. In other words, this is to say that religious minority rule can sometimes be permitted, but that the "burden of proof is on the player or players role-playing such a regime to demonstrate that it is being done realistically".

In this scenario in Dorvik, my interpretation would be that the Ahmadi regime has not been sufficiently role-played and does not have sufficient role-play justification. There have been no posts on the forum about it, and not much in the way of in-game RP either.

The only RP explanation I could find was a sentence in the party's party description field reading:

In November 4453, President Biggelswerd converted to Ahmadism after claiming that the Prophet Ahmad came to him in a dream and told him to convert the people of Dorvik and establish a new Caliphate.

I am doubtful that one man's religious conversion experience can be considered sufficient RP justification for Dorvik to suddenly move in the direction of becoming an Ahmadi state. Realistically, even if he convinced himself of this, how realistic is it to suppose he even managed to convince the rest of his party that making Dorvik an Ahmadi country is a good idea?

On a final point, as I've already made clear, I feel there are issues with the current rules surrounding Cultural Protocols. Last month Moderation seemed to indicate these rules would be reconsidered, although I notice this area of the rules has not been mentioned in the rules redraft plan. Is there any chance we could at least put the CP rules "on the agenda", as it were?

Apologies for the length of this and thanks for reading.
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Re: Cultural Protocol Violation Reports

Postby cm9777 » Tue Sep 18, 2018 12:00 pm

It’s certainly something we can look into I will speak with the other mods and potentially the GRC to see what they think.
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Re: Cultural Protocol Violation Reports

Postby lewiselder1 » Tue Sep 18, 2018 4:34 pm

Added CPs to the rules redraft plans, just forgot to add them to the list I’m afraid haha!

Regarding this particular situation, I think you’re probably right pointing that out. I think a more gradual change towards Ahmadism in that party, combined with the RP of a growing Ahmadi movement in the nation, would be good enough. It doesn’t have to be at a snail’s pace, but some set-up would be better.

However I’ll leave it to CM to decide as I don’t know bucket loads about the specifics of the situation. That’s my advice, though.

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