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Postby Yolo04 » Mon May 07, 2018 6:55 pm

CozyBuddha wrote:Hi there!

I represent the new anti-war government, a minority government made up solely by representatives from my party, the Progress Party, with Bachelot's National Movement as part of the parliamentary basis for my government. Mordusia has never formally declared war on Saridan and my party and Head of State has been elected on a clear anti-war platform, so that is not going to happen anytime soon either.

Even so, Mordusia has clearly consorted with the enemies of Saridan and taken part in international sanctions against the country, that we are repealing now. And we should clearly have talks with Saridan on how to make amendments and avert the treat of war. So that part of the RP should continue, in my opinion. Mordusia has had a long history of being a neutral country, and my party is trying to resurrect this well-established Mordusian tradition.

The Tea Party wrote:May I report Yolo for non-consensual roleplay?

I second this. When I read Yolo's post the last day, it felt incredibly unrealistic that Dankuk could simply jump into Saridan and "free" 10,000 people from labor camps. To my knowledge Mordusia has never consented to our territory being used as a staging ground for such an operation. But I believe that post has been deleted now? :?

Also we have not signed any defense treaty with them. They have proposed such a treaty but Mordusia has not ratified it.

Yolo also recently wrote in the Dankuk news tread that my party's government will apparently have a meeting with Dankukan representatives in Dankuk. While I see nothing wrong with the idea itself perhaps he should have asked me before posting that statement? The Mordusian Government is trying to appease Saridan and this might not exactly be a good time for deeper ties with its enemy Dankuk.

Hey made a mistake
Apparently I messaged the wrong person about the meeting
I assumed it was someone from Mordusia
Also I removed the spec ops mission post so… :?:
Anyway hope I cleared everything up
Also Dankuk isn’t an enemy of Saridan were an enemy of the slavery and discrimination of Saridan
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