Second Accounts Register

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Second Accounts Register

Postby Mr.God » Mon Mar 04, 2019 10:30 am

In this thread, every user with a second account will be registered. If your username is not listed in this thread but you are using two or multiple accounts you will be subject to the game rules of Section 2.

Update date: 11/07/19

Current authorized second accounts:
First Account: Farsun - Dorvik
( ... tyid=14105)
Second Account: AuditBath - Kafuristan
( ... tyid=32148)

First account: Aethan2 - Istalia
( ... tyid=37763)
Second account: Aethan4 - Valruzia

First account: Amorium - Istalia
( ... tyid=37758)
Second account: Mahan1 - Mordusia
( ... tyid=38296)

First account: RedTRIG (Trigunia)
Second account: Kōburākē (Cobura)
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