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Postby thefalloutfan101 » Thu Jun 14, 2018 5:53 am

Fellow Delegates of the Union Assembly,

I come here today to address the growing problem of Saridan. For over two decades this nation has legalized slavery and segregation, and rounded up racial and ethnic minorities into forced labor camps. Previously over the past two years Valruzia attempted to be a neutral mediator in the conflict, but that has obviously failed and we have chosen to take action against the Apartheid regime. That is expressly why I have come here. I call upon all fellow member states to bring to their respective legislatures the Dolgavian Diplomatic Economic and Diplomatic Embargo of the Republic of Saridan, as well as the Expanded Embargo on the Republic of Saridan. In a modern time such as ours, this is absolutely unacceptable and the world must take action against it. Whatever political ideology we believe in, this is most certainly a humanitarian crisis, and something must be done.

Igor Pilarczyk
Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Republic of Valruzia
Volks Kommunistische Partei von Dundorf (VKPD) (Inactive)
Socjaldemokratyczna Partia Robotników (SdPR) (Active)
All-Trigunian Communist Party (ВТКП) (Inactive)
Freedom Party (自由黨) (Inactive)
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Re: Seleyan Union (Discussion Room)

Postby dmwilliams92 » Thu Jun 14, 2018 3:54 pm

To the Delegates of the Union Assembly,

In 4408, we have accomplished a great deal. We have bought to nations a peaceful and prosperous foundation for success in an ever changing world. We have torn down the the barriers and petty differences that, while still leaving residue of their legacies, do not influence either the even hand of the law nor the hearts of individuals. Sadly, however, Saridan does not wish to follow in this example. She wishes to build her legacy on the back of the slave; to write her name in history as a society that wishes thrive while promoting and enacting the conditions of harsh servitude and cruel subjugation of people. We have learned the lessons of such depraved policies, devoid of equality, of liberty, and of human decency. If Saridan wishes to continue on her perverse course, we shall meet her, and either by the pen, or by the sword, shall we correct her course. The world had no place for this behavior, and no tolerance for the ownership, abuse, and the mental and physical subjugation of mankind. It is with this that I urge each of you to ratify the Diplomatic Embargo of the Republic of Saridan, as well as the Expanded Embargo on the Republic of Saridan. It is of the utmost importance that such behavior goes with ever diligent action and resolve.

Briella Isabel
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Federal Republic of Likatonia
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