Parliament of the Artanian Community (PAC)

Organizations involving national governments as members, focusing on chiefly on economics, international politics or the military.

Re: Parliament of the Artanian Community (PAC)

Postby Auditorii » Sat Jul 10, 2021 10:50 pm

"As for the statements and proposals made by the representative from Aloria we have a few statements to make:

(1) The concept of any sort of peacekeeping force is a worthy idea, however, it might come into conflict with the Security Council and the role that it plays within world affairs. Perhaps it might be best that the Artanian Community come together and dedicate significant resources to the World Congress Peacekeeping Assistance Force to ensure that Artania's first and foremost at the head of assisting the world;

(2) The Artanian Defense Group (OOC: Of which I control OOCly and RP extensively) has been not only a world leading defense corporation but has also sold favorably to Artanian states from across the spectrum, I do not see the need for another one when such corporation might prove redundant.

(3) While I do not think a "centralized" military facility or facilities is a design that the Artanian Community should endeavor, I think that the Artanian Community could easily begin to work towards more regular, consistent multi-national exercises.

Rayko Preissner,
President-elect of the Artanian Community
Member of the Artanian Parliament
Artanian People's Party - The People's Movement (Dorvish Republic)
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Re: Parliament of the Artanian Community (PAC)

Postby Rogue » Sun Jul 11, 2021 8:48 am

Alex Maccaffie, Chairman of the Parliament of the Artanian Community

The proposal for a new Artanian Executive has been approved, with 349 voting in favour and 286 voting against. The executive is hereby installed
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