Informationn on the Federated States of Temania

Informationn on the Federated States of Temania

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The Federated States of Temania is Semi-Presidential Parliamentary Republic where most of the power is centralized within the National Parliament. While the nominal head of state is the popularly elected President, the President is widely beholden to Parliament and officially is politically independent upon taking the Oath of Office.

The President serves as Chief Executive of the Government, asking the leader of the largest party of Parliament to form government as well as dissolving Parliament and in rare and extreme circumstances forcing the resignations or dismissal of government, a hold over power from their colonial past. The President is also the Commander in Chief of the Temanian Armed Forces and their Chief Diplomat to the world at large.

The President is elected to a single six year term and is not eligible for re-election. Any man or woman over the age of 16 may run for President and while supported by any political organization or party, takes an oath of neutrality and oath of allegiance to the Constitution upon winning office.

Incumbent President of the Federated States: Sylvia Verdai



Underneath the President of the National Parliament which holds all true executive authority aside from the few emergency executive powers continued to be invested in the Presidency. The National Parliament works under 4 year fixed terms, though they may be shorter should a government fall a vote of confidence or a budget vote. At the end of a Legislative term the President of the Federated States officially dissolves Parliament beginning a 6 six week election period. Following the election the Leader of the largest Political Party in the new Parliament is invited to attempt to form government. Should they fail the leader of the second largest party is invited to form government. Should no party be able to form government within one year, new elections are called. The two largest parties are given six months each to form government before the President is forced to dissolve the Parliament and call new elections.

The current Prime Minister is Alexis Savious of the Liberal Party who won the elections in March of 4218, following the failure of former Prime Minister Eric Rhinehold to pass a budget at the beginning of 4218.

Prime Minister Alexis Savious, Leader of the Liberal Party of Temania

The Liberal Party controls 209 Seats out of the 450 Seat National Parliament

Leader of the Official Opposition Derek Mashara, Leader of the New Conservative Party of Temania

The New Conservative Party controls 198 Seats out of the 450 Seat National Parliament

Former Prime Minister Eric Rhinehold, Leader of the Patriot Party of Temania

The Patriot Party of Temania controls 43 Seats in the 450 Seat National Parliament
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