Majatran Alliance's Allied Common Executive Commission

Re: Majatran Alliance's Allied Common Executive Commission

Postby Reddy » Tue Apr 24, 2018 12:16 pm

Pontesi's Foreign Affairs Councillor, Marcus Rajiv Severus

Pontesi supports the convening of a new session of the MAACEC to consider the ideas presented. Regarding the proposal of an Allied Common Fund for Natural Disaster, Pontesi will not comment at present on whether it would support such an institution. We will comment once the details are available and we can form an educated opinion of the proposal. At this point, we call for consideration of creating a loan rather than donation-based Fund along with full participation of the private sector with its characteristic efficiency, creativity and vibrancy.
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Re: Majatran Alliance's Allied Common Executive Commission

Postby EDominus » Thu Apr 26, 2018 4:39 pm

Zardic Appeal to the Majatra Alliance on Selexit
Teo Megistido, Zardic Foreign Affairs Representative

Members of the Majatran Alliance, I am the representative of the Confederation of Zardugal. I, on behalf of my government, say we are quite considered with the Selucian referendum to leave the Majatra Alliance. The MACEA has always been a symbol of the strength of enlightenment and democratic ideals. Selucia's motion to leave this alliance calls into question what ideology the Selucian government truly holds. Does Selucia truly care for it's democratic institutions? As we all know, Selucia has attempted to become a dictatorship before during the early 4310s leading to an almost 30 years of autocratic rule. And with rise of the Nationalist Legion, we should be worried of a return to this type of government. I propose immediate action, an embargo on all Selucian goods and services within all member states. This is our proposal.

OCC: Bills of the Referendum.
( ... lid=565748) Motion to Establish the Referendum
( ... lid=566245) Vote to Leave the MACEA
( ... lid=566137) OCC Voting Records
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Re: Majatran Alliance's Allied Common Executive Commission

Postby Repasto » Thu Apr 26, 2018 4:41 pm

Martinus Varro, Consul Populi of the Selucian Republic

Esteemed representatives and dignitaries,

It is with no amount of sadness that I announce, on behalf of the Selucian government and the people it represents, the official invalidation of all ties between Selucia and the Majatran Alliance. Most prominent among our reasons for doing so are the tyrannical iron grip of economic regulation this body has imposed on our nation that has weakened our economy through forced free trade agreements and the grave risks placed on our citizens when we were coerced into mutual defense pacts with countries on the other side of the continent who are embroiled in wars, as Majatran history shows us, on a whim and with no regard for human life. This is a corrupt, self-serving organization with no regard for Selucia, and so it follows that we should have no regard for the Alliance in turn. Based on the referendum we held, the majority of our citizens agree.

I encourage each and every nation represented here today to wake up and see just how much control over your own countries you have lost as a result of being a part of this body, and for every citizen whose government currently bends knee in submission to idealistic notions of "the common good" to ask why their elected leaders have prioritized the comfort and happiness of unknown foreigners abroad over their own well-being.

In regards to what Representative Megistido has proposed, we would state that such an action would fly in the face of the principles of self-determination and democracy that this organization claims to uphold, and is just another example of the hypocrisy and lack of concern for our nation displayed by many of our former fellow member states that has driven us out of this organization. A solid majority of our citizens have chosen to leave, and our democratically elected government has chosen to leave. To punish us for this would be absolutely outrageous.

With this said, I bid this body farewell.
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Re: Majatran Alliance's Allied Common Executive Commission

Postby Axxell » Wed May 02, 2018 9:32 am

Acting Government responsible for the Istalian Foreign Affairs:

Greetings to all,
first of all, despite we are very sad to see Selucia leave the Majatran Alliance, Istalia doesn't agree with the proposal of the collegue from Zardugal. Actually, we don't recognize in Selucia the rise of a non-democratic regime. We cannot condemn a nation if democratically a party, although extremist, rise to the power and we cannot condemn a nation if that party, although extremist, doesn't put in danger the democracy in this nation. We cannot recognize such danger in Selucia, especially now that we constate an increase in the number of active parties and the presence of parties' coalitions at the power. We can only hope that one day Selucia will recognize the benefit of the Majatran Alliance, which, I want underline this, never imposed binding policies through binding treaties to its members. It is a voluntary association of nations united for the common good. I want just remember to the newly governments of Selucia this: doesn't matter if your nation is put on the "table" this or that ammount of money for the MA, because that money will be used for the development of other member nations of the Alliance which, developing, can become a new profitable market for the Selucian goods, investments and services (for Selucia as well as for all the other members). An economically stronger Majatra means a better life conditions for its inhabitants, this means less risk of revolutions, coups, less political contrasts and nations'tensions, and so on, with benefit not only for the involved country but also for all the other members of the Alliance. And the same work for the democratic principle! Despite some extreme cases, democratic countries proved to be more stable, proved to assure faster economic and social growth and so on.

Closed this issue, I'm glad to pass to another things: Istalia with pleasure announces that after long diplomatic efforts with the new Governments in Kafuristan, where recently was abolished the Thallerid Caliphate, and after a great number of internal reforms, Kafuristan today show to have a set of laws which respect the basic and foundamental political and human rights. You can constate this: ... ationid=43. To us, the efforts made by the current Kafuristan authorities should be rewarded with the official end of the "Suspension from the active role" of Kafuristan so to welcome again the Kafuris into our great family.

Thank you
Libertà e Progresso (Liberty and Progress) - Istalia (Active)
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