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Re: Terran Poverty Relief Assocation (TPRA)

Postby Phil Piratin » Sun Dec 03, 2017 1:49 am

December 4311

Work with the Third World, TPRA asks UPES

The TPRA has written to the newly-formed Union of the Petroleum Exporting States (UPES) asking them to "give the developing countries of the third world a representative at the table" of the organisation's ruling Board of Ministers. TPRA Chief Execute Barbara Hoenigsberg, who wrote the letter, argued that "the development of the economies of the third world economies should be at the heart of UPES's agenda", warning that "these nations will be unable to realise their potential unless they have access to adequate supplies of oil at reasonable prices". She also urged UPES to assist third world nations to explore and develop their own oil resources, but insisted that "this must be done in a socially and ecologically responsible way, which is in the interests of the peoples of those countries, and more broadly, in the interests of Terra".

Hoenigsberg later commented "long-term, for environmental sustainability, Terra needs to wean itself off fossil fuels and develop renewable sources of energy, such as wind and solar power" but that "for the short to medium-term, heavy dependence on fossil fuels is probably a fact of life, and the aim has to be to manage this situation in the fairest and least harmful way possible".
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Re: Terran Poverty Relief Assocation (TPRA)

Postby Masionette9 » Sun Dec 03, 2017 7:37 pm

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Re: Terran Poverty Relief Assocation (TPRA)

Postby Phil Piratin » Wed Dec 06, 2017 12:59 am

June 4313

TPRA enters war of words with International Feline Rescue

IFR worker feeding cats in war-ravaged Ostland

The Terran Poverty Relief Association (TPRA) has gotten into a public spat with International Feline Rescue (IFR) after TPRA's Chief Executive Barbara Hoenigsberg accused IFR of "distracting the public focus away from the very real human suffering being experienced in Hulstria and Ostland by exploiting sentimentality and overly focusing on cats instead of humans". She continued:

I have nothing against cats, although both my husband and I are allergic to them, but the fact is, we need to focus more on the needs of humans. The public need to give donations to organisations like TPRA, which can deal with that. But the sad reality is, we do not have nearly enough funds to do the job we need to do, whilst on the other hand, organisations like IFR are flush with cash. It's literally as though people care more about cute, furry cuddly kittens than they do even about Gao-Showan (OOC: Asian) babies.

IFR hit back at the charges:

What they are saying is completely inaccurate: we only have a tiny fraction of the budget that TPRA has, and anybody who looks at the accounts - which are a matter of public record - can see that easily. IFR is a respectable organisation which helps cats in need in difficult situations around the world, particularly in situations of conflict, such as sadly exist in Hulstria and Ostland. We can only reach a tiny, tiny proportion of the cats who need our help, but we do it, and we do our best, because that is what we believe in, that is what our workers believe in and that is what our donors and supporters want us to do.

IFR later commented that "a great many members of the coalition forces are animal lovers and have either adopted cats during their stay here, or have rescued them and handed them over to us to be cared for".

Istalian soldiers rescuing a cat in south-east Ostland

IFR have a large number of cats which they are trying to rehome, and anybody interested in adopting one is urged to visit their website at http://www.internationalfelinerescue.bm




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Re: Terran Poverty Relief Assocation (TPRA)

Postby Phil Piratin » Fri Dec 15, 2017 1:43 am

December 4317

TPRA urges World Congress to back overseas aid targets

In December 4301, the Terran Poverty Relief Association (TPRA) set a target for all of the countries with economies assessed to be "Very Strong" or "Strong" by the Zardic Institute of International Relations to commit themselves to spending a minimum of 1% of their GDP on overseas aid by the year 4320. With just two years to go, the results so far are mixed. The good news is that of the four "Very Strong" economic powers, Dorvik and Kazulia are exceeding the target, and Istalia is close to it. The less good news is that Vanuku the other "Very Strong" economic power, remains as tight-fisted as ever, and that with the exceptions of Kalistan and New Endralon, there has been little progress with the economic powers rated in the "Strong" category.

TPRA Chief Executive Bettina Hoenigsberg has commented:

Over the last two decades, there have been some positive improvements, with some nations managing to improve the quality and quantity of overseas aid they deliver, but the general picture is that not nearly enough is being done - the world has done only a fraction of what it could do and should do. With the ever-present dangers of poverty, famine, natural disasters, disease - like the Wolfsheim Virus, and war - as we've seen in Hulstria and Ostland - the need for overseas aid has never been greater. I am disappointed that the World Congress and the Security Council have still not taken up the concerns we have raised, and I take this opportunity - yet again - to urge them to commit to improving the lives of the poorest people on the planet. That means keeping a rein on the big corporations, making the world trade system fairer, achieving economic justice for all in terms of jobs and fair wages, tackling poverty, tackling issues like health care and poor sanitation, and getting the richest countries to start seriously investing in international development.

If the World Congress and the Security Council had endorsed the overseas aid targets we set, I believe there is a far greater chance we would have achieved them or at least come closer towards doing so.

Overseas Aid Budget as a % of GDP for "Very Strong" economic powers

Meeting the target

Dorvik - 1.04% (was 0.75%)
Kazulia - 1.48% (was 1.01%)

Not meeting the target

Istalia - 0.96% (was 0.79%)
Vanuku - 0.17% (no change)

Overseas Aid Budget as a % of GDP for "Strong" economic powers

Meeting the target

Kalistan - 1.91% (was 1.34%)
Trigunia - 1.51% (was 2.21%)

Not meeting the target

Rutania - 0.83% (was 0.71%)
Hutori - 0.81% (was 0.82%)
Selucia - 0.70% (was 0.70%)
Lodamun - 0.68% (was 0.68%)
New Endralon - 0.64% (was 0.34%)
Narikaton - 0.61% (was 0.61%)
Malivia - 0.54% (was (0.78%)
Indrala - 0.31% (was 0.31%)
Aloria - 0.25% (was 0.41%)
Baltusia - 0.20% (was 0.20%)
Luthori - 0.20% (was 0.24%)
Zardugal - 0.02% (was 0.02%)
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Re: Terran Poverty Relief Assocation (TPRA)

Postby Aquinas » Sat Aug 11, 2018 9:13 pm

October 4437

TPRA backs Tambethra Dyshini for General Assembly President

The Terran Poverty Relief Association has issued a statement endorsing the Vice-President of Vanakalam, Tambethra Dyshini, in her bid to become President of the World Congress General Assembly. The statement urged governments to lend her their votes, as well as urging citizens to lobby their governments to support her, continuing:

The World Congress desperately needs leaders who will put the Third World and international poverty at the top of the agenda, and we firmly believe Tambethra is the right woman for the job. Alone amongst the candidates, she has made granting voting rights in the World Congress to the Third World nations a key plank of her platform. She has enormous political experience and understanding of how the world works, and we have every confidence she would use the position of General Assembly President to ensure the voiceless, the hungry, the suffering and the oppressed of the world are listened to.
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