Foundation of the I national workers congress of Egelion

Foundation of the I national workers congress of Egelion

Postby Marc Garrigós » Sun Nov 19, 2017 12:38 am

Solidaridad Obrera, official journal of the Popular Communist Party of Egelion. first number written by Comrade Pino, Secretary of the press department: Celebration of the First National Workers Congress of Egelion. Today the first national congress of the PCPE has been held at the headquarters of the capital of the Egelion Republic, Demar Solad. All the revolutionary and party councils scattered throughout the regions of the state have attended the congress. The Congress has opened with a very exciting speech by Marcos Gómez, the Secretary General and founder of the party. In his speech he wanted to congratulate all the members of the party for the hard work they do in serving the working class. Marcos explained that the revolution can only be achieved with effort and patience, virtues that the communist movement has in our country. Once the foundational discourse has been finalized, it has passed to the agenda. to begin with, the maximum repulsion of the fascist dictatorship in the nation of Hulstria has been expressed, and the persecution of the comrades there has been condemned along with their leader, Comrade X, to whom a homage has been paid. the directive of the central revolutionary council of the capital has harshly criticized the Egelion government for its fear and lack of scruples towards the ethnic groups persecuted by the dictatorship. At the end of the congress the International was sung
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