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Postby Phil Piratin » Mon Jan 15, 2018 2:24 pm

September 4333

CLT report exonerates student protesters in Dundorf of all blame

The Communist League of Terra (CLT) has released a report into alleged misconduct by communist student protesters outside the headquarters of the Dundorf Peoples' Party and the Budestag.

The report's authors claim to have "fully investigated all of the allegations" and to have come to the "unanimous and overwhelming conclusion that the allegations are entirely without foundation", adding that "the actions of the young communists were entirely reasonable and within the law, and they have have been fully vindicated by our report". The report also specifically commended the communist group Sicherheitskräfte (ShK) for being "a responsible and disciplined organisation which has done much to make Dundorf a safer space for politically conscious proletarians".

However, the report goes on to criticise the police for "gross bourgeois bias" and "having a history of unfairly targeting legitimate political protests organised by the left". It also accused the Dundorf Peoples' Party of being "a criminal organisation determined to subvert democracy and impose the will of the capitalist elite on the great mass of the people", and denounced the party's plans to set up a new bodyguard (Stahlhelme für die Heimatschutz) as "the creation of an illegal private army - an act which ought to result in the party being banned".

Critics of the CLT's report have pointed out that all of the authors are communists, as are all of the "international observers" they relied on as sources of evidence.
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Glory to the Zweite Dundorfische Demokratische Republik

Postby MarcGM » Mon Feb 05, 2018 11:13 pm

Revolutionary comrades from around the world! Today the Communist League has received news that feeds the desire to constitute a world workers state. our brothers of Dundorf, (the nation that was born our ideals), have risen in arms against the dictatorship of capital. Thanks to our internationalist solidarity and the enormous and inspiring struggle of the DDR army, the bourgeois government has fallen. solemnly we recognize the new popular state and the new democratic government led by the Volks Kommunistische Partei von Dundorf. Glory the CLT the ZDDR and the fight of the Working Class!

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Re: Communist League of Terra (CLT)

Postby thefalloutfan101 » Tue Feb 06, 2018 2:44 am

Dearest Genossen,

We appreciate your support for our party and for our nation. But it is not us alone who guide Dundorf in socialist brotherhood. It is the Sozialistische Einheitspartei Dundorfs, as well, who serve alongside us. It was them who helped usher Dundorf into the world stage, breaking free of its chains of isolationism. But genossen, with our entry into the Artanian Union, we are subject to hostile actions by fellow members, who even debated upon imposing sanctions upon our great nation simply because of our dispute over King Ludwig III of Dorvik's claim that he is Kaiser of the Dundorfian Reich. Well, comrades, we the VKPD impose sanctions right back at them! I encourage you all to take action against reactionary forces in each of your nations, in any way you can. The future of the revolution is promising, if our great republic can rise from the ashes of the old bourgeois dictatorship like a mighty Phoenix! Think of what you can do too, comrades. Let the ushering in of the 2nd DDR be a spark that sets aflame the call of a proletarian revolution. For those of you who hold power in nations, whether you be members of the Artanian Union or not, pass laws against the reactionary government of Dorvik any chance you get! Let it be known that we communists reject a monarchy on Artanian soil! But if we were to engage in war, then we'd be no better than the reactionaries we pushed out of our nation. Dundorf is prosperous, but the wounds of the Civil War are not yet healed. Let us fight with words and diplomacy, not with rifles.

Let us build a better future and unite the working peoples of this continent!

Erhard Bayer
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The World Red Guard

Postby MarcGM » Sat Feb 10, 2018 3:38 pm


Banner of the World Red Guard

This morning, the central committee of the CLT has sent a message to all parties affiliated with the organization, and then organized a press conference at its headquarters. The main issue of the press conference has been the situation of communism in the world, and especially the international recognition of the ZDDR, replacing the former Federal Republic. the department of defense of Metzism (founding department of the international brigades) has declared that it will found a new paramilitary group that will have the function of protecting the communist governments, but also guarantee the security of the citizens who openly declare Communists. "This new group" declares Mrs. Gutmmacher the Secretary General of the CLT, "it will be called the world red guard and will defend the struggle of the proletariat when the brigades are not necessary." When journalists have asked whether the Red Guard will use undemocratic methods, he said "our forces are made up of voluntary leftist civilians but they will never kill civilians on the right. You only do these questions to the anti-fascists. "After the press conference, the CLT announced that it will send the first members of the Red Guard to Dundorf to serve the Ministry of the Interior. It is also planned that a delegation from the organization to visit the country.

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Members of the international brigades called to rows

Postby MarcGM » Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:04 pm


Goik Schümen adressing to the CIB commanders

last night, the defense department of the CLT wrote the following message to all the member parties: "taking into account that our comrades of Dundorf have been betrayed by the party that we considered revolutionary, the former VKPVD, and inspired by the ideals of our organization has decided to activate the state of disciplinary alert and call our brigadists to travel to Dorvik urgently. "The General of the CIB, Mr. Goik Schümen has addressed his commanders informing that they need about 500,000 soldiers Plus medical and logistics staff. The military factories owned by the CLT industry department have reported that they will give about 400,000 tanks. there are rumors that all this army will leave tomorrow morning to Dundorf to help the communist resistance that remains.

Members of the CIB going up to the different trucks that will transport them to Dundorf
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