Eastern Terra Treaty Alliance (ETTA)

Eastern Terra Treaty Alliance (ETTA)

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All parties who agree and adhere to this treaty agree to defend all other parties from aggressive actions, either militaristic,economic or political. If necessary all nations are expected to go to war to defend a fellow member.

Article 1
The Parties undertake, as set forth in the Preamble of this treaty, to settle any international dispute in which that members may be harmed by, if necessary by violence. If any nation is to attack a member nation it is to be considered an attack against all nations in this alliance. If a nation in this alliance declares war unlawfully,they will be put to trial and if found guilty,they will be kicked out of the alliance and will be banned from returning.

Article 2
The Parties will contribute toward the further development of peaceful and friendly international relations by strengthening their institutions, by bringing about a better understanding of the principles upon which these institutions are founded, and by promoting conditions of stability and well-being. They will seek to eliminate conflict in their international economic policies and will encourage economic collaboration between any or all of them.

Article 3
In order more effectively to achieve the objectives of this Treaty,that is to deter any aggressor and defend against aggression, the Parties, separately and jointly, by means of continuous and effective self-help and mutual aid, will maintain and develop their individual and collective capacity to resist armed attack.

Article 4
The Parties will consult together whenever, in the opinion of any of them, the territorial integrity, political independence or security of any of the Parties is threatened.

Article 5
If any nation of this alliance declares war against a fellow member state it is to be considered an armed attack against all member states.

Article 6
This treaty only covers member nations and there territories in Eastern Terra and islands in the South-East or North-East.

If any of you want to join the ETTA message The Conservative Monarchy Party of Kloveia
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