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Ruhi World News is the official publication of the Administrative Order of the Ruhi Faith

Caliph Launches Global Jihad
Kez 83 RE / September 4359 CE

Caliph Emanuele Mignone, the Fourth Caliph of the Ruhi Faith and Head of the Faith has announced the beginning of the Global Jihad in the 83rd year of the Proclamation of the Blessed Beauty's Mission and 74th year of His Martyrdom. The aim of this Spiritual Jihad is none other than the conquest of the citadels of men's hearts. Its theater of operations is all of Terra. Its duration a full decade. The Commander in Chief is the Caliph and servant of God. Its generals are the Nineteen Apostles of the Messiah. Its standard bearers are the four elected National Spiritual Assemblies of Barmenistan, Istalia, Vanuku, and Jelbania. Its mujahideen are the rank and file of the beloved Friends rallying under the standard of His Holiness the Messiah. Its arsenal is the divine principles of the Divine Plan. Its armor is the Holy Scriptures penned by the Center of the Covenant Himself. Its final goal is the conquest of all Terran nations by the light of God's Nightingale.

His Holiness the Caliph of the Ruhi Faith thus directs the entire Administrative Order and the entire body of the faithful to join the Global Jihad, the goals of which are the the consolidation of the Faith in those four countries where the Cause was already established, the spread of the Faith to all other nations and territories, and the consolidation of the administrative institutions of the Faith, culminating in the election of the Universal Spiritual Assembly, the infallible supreme governing institution of the Cause of God, at the end of the Jihad. The nineteen Apostles are urged to travel to all Terran nations and plant the divine Messianic seed. Ordinary Friends are to voluntarily move to foreign countries where the Cause has not been established and find employment or set up their business there. Serving in the Global Jihad is the highest service a Friend can offer to the Cause, so the institutions are to give every assistance to the mujahideen.
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