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Postby Axxell » Mon Apr 23, 2018 1:33 pm


TerraMedia renews GlobeNews, its worldwide 24/7 News Broadcasting service. You can find the news of TerraMedia GlobeNews on the TV broadcasting channels of TerraMedia, present all over the world, as well as on internet and social media.

TerraMedia GlobeNews, everywhere, always, for everyone!
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Exclusive interview with Manningham-Buller

Postby Axxell » Tue Apr 24, 2018 11:24 pm

"The man who is shacking the world!" In these terms many see Frederick Manningham-Buller, the charismaric leader of the extra-parliamentary nationalistic political movement which is emerging in Mordusia.
Many other, however, consider Manningham-Buller as a radical extremist, a fascist and racist, as well as a populist ready to spread falsity and fear, for which the Valruzian Justice already launched a warrants against him for defamation.
Recently, several nations are calling the international and mordusian authorities to "securize" the incoming Winter Games from the mordusian nationalists.
TerraMedia GlobeNews wanted to talk with this man, to touch some argouments to better know him and those who join his movement.
Antonio Ribera, from the Baltusian TerraMedia editorial office, met Frederick Manningham-Buller for this exclusive interview:

INTERVIEWER: What do you make of the Terran Olympic Committee's decision to end their investigation into alleged Valruzian misdoings at the 4380 Olympics?

F.M-B: This really comes as no surprise at all. To be fair to the TOC, they were brave trying to investigate Valruzia at all, given the power and influence Valruzia has within that organisation, and the dirty tricks they play - the cajolery, the pressure, the intimidation. You saw how they treated me for daring to speak out - they issued an international arrest warrant for me! The problem is, the people at the TOC are too scared to stand up to the Valruzians because they're frightened of what will happen if they do. It's a mafia state.

By the way, do you remember Lorraine Samson, our independent expert who looked into the corruption allegations? I'm 99% certain now that she backed down and claimed the allegations were false because the Valruzians had got to her. They had people threatening her and her family, y'know. She can't admit it, but that's what's happened.

INTERVIEWER: What do you think of Mordusia's decision to join the Commonwealth, under the Steuart-Carmichael dynasty?

F.M-B: With respect to Alexander Steuart-Carmichael, he's a f**king foreigner. He's not Mordusian. So far as I can tell he's some kind of mongrel - you just look at his family tree, with all those weird people in it, all that in-breeding, all those exotic foreigners...and tell me what he is...I don't know who he is or what he is. So far as I'm concerned, if you want to be the Mordusian Head of State, you've got to be one of us, and Alexander...well, he isn't. He doesn't even live in Mordusia and so far as I know, he rarely visits here.

INTERVIEWER: And what do you think of the Seleyan Union?

F.M-B: What you've got to know about the Seleyan Union is it's not trustworthy, it's controlled by foreigners, people who are out to get us. Valruzia especially. The whole thing is controlled by Valruzia. Y'know, some years back I used to think we should join the Seleyan Union, not because I agree with it, but just so that we could bugger the Valruzians by stopping them from doing anything. But what I've realised is, the whole organisation is so Valruzia-dominated, so anti-Mordusia, that you can't win. So far as I'm concerned, we've got to stay out of it. Otherwise they'll swallow up our national sovereignty, take control of our army, take control of our economy, take control of our identity and everything. Before you know it, all our supermarkets will be Valruzian supermarkets selling disgusting Valruzian food and all the television stations will be people talking Valruzian, and you won't know what country you're in. It'll be like you're in f**king Valruzia.

INTERVIEWER: Thank you for your time, Mr. Manningham-Buller.

F.M-B: Thank you, sir.
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Re: TerraMedia GlobeNews

Postby Axxell » Tue Jun 05, 2018 11:34 am

Majatran Alliance: a century of peace and development and now the plans for another century of prosperity
Current members of the Majatran Alliance (4403)

At the dawn of the 45th century, the Majatran Alliance, the most recent of the supranational organizations that have arisen in the continent, draws a decidedly positive balance after 180 years of activity and with 11 member countries on the 16 of Majatra, among which the most recent acquisition is Vanuku which, after winning the traditional politics of unilateral power and prestige, has decided to become part of the great family founded in 4223 by Istalia and Zardugal.

Satisfaction, of course, first of all for Romula which played a decisive part in convincing Wiel in joining the organization and considering the long process of rapprochement between the two Great Powers to be completely accomplished, which, we recall, have been divided for over two centuries by hostility and enmity, a process begun at the time of the Kingdom of Temrkai and the Presidency of Demetro Votta.
Both Powers seem to have carefully coordinated their moves in recent years, especially since the end of the recent disastrous Republic of Vanuku, which has become the prey of religious extremists who have led to serious social, political and economic problems throughout the country, which has suffered greatly, especially its economy. Just the need for an economic recovery, according to many analysts, may have prompted Vanuku to join the Alliance in which Wiel finds himself today in a position of prominence next to Istalia, from an industrial and economic point of view, becoming in effect one of the two main economic centers of the Alliance (with all what follows from a point of view of investments, finance, businesses, etc ...).

As for Romula, however, what prompted the recent governments to commit themselves to bring Vanuku within the Alliance, according to the major opinion makers, was not only the desire to definitively close the circle of the process of rapprochement with Wiel, but also and above all a necessity linked to economic, financial and internal politics: since the middle of the last century, in fact, the anti-MA sentiments between the public opinion have increased decade after decade and the main motivation advocated by the anti Alliancists is precisely the excessive commitment of Istalia to the organization, especially from a financial point of view. Istalia has always been the member that most of all contributed to the Alliance's budget and with the introduction of several common programs over the years the burden on Istalia has been growing more and more, according to the most critical, most of the other member nations would have only taken advantage of it, being branded by the most extremes even as underdeveloped parasitic nations that drain away vital resources from Istalia.

Finally, a further motivation behind this common commitment of the two Majatran Great Powers, many of the geopolitical experts have underlined, is the firm will of both Majatran Great Powers to remove any external influence and interference from the continent and thus create a perimeter of "security" all around the continent to prevent any form of hegemony or political as well as economic domination by part of nations and/or external organizations. On the other hand Majatra throughout its thousand year history has suffered countless conquests, dominations and forms of political-economic-military dependence, especially from the nations of Artania that, for millennia, has been the home of the most powerful and advanced nations on the international landscape.
So the two Great Powers of the East and the West basically joined the forces to finally leave behind the past and a Majatra characterized by instability and easy prey of extramajatran influences with the aim of making the continent rise as one of the most advanced and dynamic of Terra.
To do so, have long declared both Romula and Wiel chancelleries, the first step is to ensure peace and peaceful coexistence among the Majatra nations, therefore economic development and cooperation and therefore defense of key principles considered necessary to avoid crises, tensions, escalation and revolutions.

Istalia and Vanuku are ready to join efforts to pursue these goals by guiding the other member nations but above all by contributing massively to the needs of the Alliance in which the two nations are negotiating a program of major common investments across the continent. The details of these large investments and projects have not yet been revealed, but it will undoubtedly be one of the major economic investments in recent history throughout Majatra.
Is this a move to counter the arrival of huge resources in Deltaria? The answer seems obvious, but then many are asking: will the Alliance under the Istalo-Vanukean leadership also react to the announced sending of Kazulian troops and assets to a Deltarian base?
For the moment the relations with Kazulia, for both Istalia and Vanuku, are indeed increasing and the ongoing raprochement between Romula and Skalm seems ready to solve the long lasting disputes between the two nation. So, there are no hostility but what is sure is that both Vanuku and Istalia cannot deny their concerns about the agreement established by Kazulian and Deltaria. And so, how will develop the inter-Alliance relations between Vanuku and Istalia and Deltaria?
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Re: TerraMedia GlobeNews

Postby Axxell » Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:23 pm


A University of Romula publishes the "Atomic Bulletin" and raises the alarm of the very serious danger the world is running


The faculties of Nuclear Physics, Political Sciences and Philosophy of the Enrico Bergson University of Romula were launched in an editorial project called the "Atomic Bulletin", a webzine, an online magazine created to inform the public about the debates of nuclear policies, supporting at the same time the international control of nuclear energy and dealing with issues related to global security and public policy, especially in relation to the dangers posed by nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.

The webzine will also periodically present what has been called "Clock of the Last Judgment" which consists of a metaphorical clock that measures the danger of a hypothetical end of the world to which humanity is subjected. The danger is quantified by the metaphor of a symbolic clock whose midnight symbolizes the end of the world while the previous minutes represent the hypothetical distance from that event.

With the first publication, which has been released in the height of the Jelbanian crisis, which has become a real nuclear crisis, the experts gathered to set the symbolic clock hand have given this response:


Hence the hands of the clock are almost overlapping and university professors and students raise the alarm.
With the Atomic Bulletin they literally turn to the world, to the governs as well as to the ordinary people and the appeal is only one: stop before it's too late!

With this initiative, however, the Atomic Bulletin wants to be more a voice addressed to the peoples of the world, the voice of public opinion against nuclear weapons, the arms race and that, as mentioned, supports an international control of nuclear energy.
How will public opinion react in Istalia and in the rest of the world? Civil society and the pacifist associations of half the world seem to be already preparing and announcing massive demonstrations against the war.

The editors of GlobeNews, at the end of this article, with the full support of the company management and od all TerraMedia SpA, has decided to accept the appeal of the Atomic Bulletin and officially announces that it will address its public an open campaign against the war .
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Re: TerraMedia GlobeNews

Postby Axxell » Wed Oct 31, 2018 9:02 pm

TerraMedia GlobeNews Exclusive: Interview with Ibrahim El Salefi, next President of the WCGA

Exclusive to TerraMedia GlobeNews, Ibrahim El Salefi gave an interview with which he outlined what he will focus on during his term as President of the General Assembly of the World Congress.

Good morning Mr. El Salefi, first of all thank you for welcoming us to your home by releasing this interview and then congratulations for your election

In reality the official results must still be announced.

Your advantage over the other candidates has been evident for several weeks now, many nations already assured you their trust and even your opponent, Mr. Buchheim, has already congratulated you. And it's just talking about Buchheim that I would like to start this interview
I want to thank him and congratulate him first of all for accepting the result of this consultation with great dignity and I can already announce that he will have to expect one or more phone calls from me because there are some points of his program on which I would like to work together, such as restoring the prestige of the World Congress internationally, addressing the issue of Third World debt, try to reduce it and why not, in some cases even cancel it, then allow those nations to participate more actively in the World Congress and finally I would be interested to discuss with him on the issues of workers' rights and fair and sustainable trade.

Do you think these last points of the topics can be addressed by the World Congress?
The Work, the working, is a very important component of human existence, I do not see why we can not work internationally to reach, maybe, some sort of agreements to guarantee decent working conditions for workers, they are still human beings and as such, their serenity and safety should also be guaranteed on the workplace.

But we must imagine that there are other topics at the top of the list of your priorities
Yes, obviously. As repeated countless times, the World Congress since its first acts has focused on a very specific theme, human rights. The first resolution adopted by this organization, or at least one of the very first, concerned what should be considered one of the most serious violations of human rights and dignity, slavery. In addition, the World Congress created several agencies dedicated to the protection of Human Rights. Therefore, in light of the advance in these times of the concept of an Absolute Sovereignty that crushes any other value and principle and that professes should be respected even in the face of the most vile horrors and violence committed by Man against Man, I think it is time to have the courage to claim the role of the World Congress as protector and guarantor of the noblest and most universal principles never generated by Humanity, principles untied to particular ideologies, faiths or philosophies, but built and developed for a simple but very logical and above all extremely civilized purpose: respect between men, happiness and well-being of men considered individually but also as a society and collectivity.
And I am simply convinced that a society that wants to aspire to make those principles its own, must follow the path of Democracy and the Rule of Law, and in particular I believe that today the Rappresentative Democracy, or some might say Socialdemocracy, is the best way to guarantee to members of a society, of a vast society, to be able to live their lives adequately protected and be able to participate in the decisions concerning his life and his society. Far from me to define it as the most perfect and best of systems, but I think it can be considered as the best compromise achievable, also because I do not believe in the existence of a perfect social and political system since the man himself is by nature imperfect and... often he lost the right way. But precisely for this reason I am convinced that it is necessary to have an entity that never ceases to invite Man to respect his own kind.

How would you like to increase this role of the World Congress?
I would certainly like to resume work on a Universal Declaration of Human Rights officially adopted by the World Congress, and I would also like to promote the creation of a High Observer of International Electoral Process that will monitor the elections throughout the world and then issue detailed reports that illustrate how the elections were held and how the elections were organized in this or that country. And I hope to be able to get a resolution approved by the General Assembly rather than by the Security Council, even if I fear strong opposition, indeed, I fear that the opposition to this proposal will be the part that will make itself heard more. Obviously observers will be able to enter the various nations of Terra with the approval of their governments and already I foresee there will be several nations that will block their doors and I think they will be the same which will organize themselves more tenaciously to block the resolution.

Should not it pass? As you said, very often we have witnessed important mobilizations, especially to prevent the passage of measures adopted by the World Congress, while many nations, even if they agree with those measures, simply did not express themselves. Will you address the Security Council?
As last possibility... but I would like for this reason to increase the dialogue with the various nations of Terra and invite them to express themselves and to vote when necessary. But... I think it also we need a certain rigor and logic in the Congress and especially in the General Assembly. I would like to propose the adoption of a work system based on commissions dedicated to specific themes and which first tackle this or that problem based on the type of problem. I have to be honest, we will have to work hard, but I could be satisfied even just throwing a seed... try to take the first steps to implement these ideas. We could have a more active, fast and effective World Congress.

Recently, instead, among the issues debated by the General Assembly there are Kafuristan and Solentia, what does it tell us about what is happening in these countries?
Well, with regard to Kafuristan, I am convinced of what I said as Foreign Minister of Istalia, that is, I condemn the communist regime and above all the radicalization of the same during these years of conflict, which I believe has done nothing but foster even more the clash, but... I must admit that any external intervention can only worsen the situation, unfortunately we have several important precedents in Majatra. However, the latest information seems to report the formation of... a party or... a faction of the regime that seems to strongly disagree with the current leadership and which pushes for a return to the respect of democratic rules, I think we should work to support this democratic faction and therefore to work for a process of internal conciliation, I hope that the current leadership thinks more to its own citizens than to the conquest of absolute power to impose, not promote, its own ideas.

And what about Solentia?
A very thorny subject that my country has been facing for some time. As President of the General Assembly of the World Congress I can not but blame strongly the political and social system established in the country, the role above all of the military, the persecution of precise ideologies, the discrimination of minorities... news that unfortunately emerged too recently from an extremely closed and isolationist country that for some time has denied any willingness to cooperate and even dialogue with the World Congress. A stronghold of that Absolute Sovereignism that I have already widely criticized and unfortunately dangerous because the fear and the suspect seem to lead the actions of that regime, almost paranoia that... could bring that regime to take and use drastic and dangerous measures.

Instead, other news that has had strong worldwide resonance has been the case of "bad justice" occurred in Baltusia and that has triggered a global mobilization. It seems that you have also been contacted directly, it is right?
Well... yes. In truth, I was asked why I have never been exposed to this subject. Well, as I answered, until recently I did not have such clear enough ideas on the case to express myself in favor of one or the other party.
What I can say, however, is that, actualy, it seems too many things was ignored... for example, even if the woman had murdered her daughter, why it seems it was totally ignored everything that this woman suffered previously for years? Even if she were guilty, maybe a specialized hospital would have been a better place for her than the prison. Unfortunately... it has not been treated as human, but as a guilty.
I am sorry to express all this just now and not to have previously exposed myself, but just to try to remedy I want that it is discussed internationally even of Justice. I hope that those who have supported Miss Darklight can and wish to become a flag of a real movement for a fair and equal Justice.

And instead, about Fortland? First of all, does the President of the General Assembly recognize Fortland as a nation? And what do you think in general of all that has unleashed in the world?
Well... what about... personally... I think it's really too much noise for a club of a handful of people gathering on a platform in the middle of the ocean. Nations ready to deploy forces and waste resources for .. what? I have to admit that all this made me smile.
Regarding a recognition... well... I doubt it is a truly independent entity, able to defend itself as well as to conduct appropriate diplomatic relations with other states. A businessman and some mercenary were enough, if I remember correctly, put in danger in few days the existence of the Republic of Fortland on the other hand.
Then, if there are nations that want to recognize that kind of islet, they can do as well. For the moment, I'm most worried that the platform could become the home of activities... well... not very legal and that they could be perpetuated by taking advantage of the fact that it is in international waters.

To conclude, I can not avoid to ask: Will you be a President of the General Assembly or an "Istalian" President of the General Assembly? Are you still Foreign Minister in Istalia and a member of an Istalian political party. Is it not?
Actually, I presented two days ago my resignation as Foreign Minister to the President of the Republic and at the same time I left any office in my party, indeed, I officially came out.
However, I do not want to be ashamed to say that I want to be an "Istalian" President, not because Istalia and Istalia's interests should drive my actions, but because I am seeking to be guided by the values ​​of my country, values ​​strongly rooted in the istalian society, those values ​​and principles that are and will be at the top of my priorities.

Thanks for the time given to us Mr. El Salefi and congratulations again
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