Terran Institute for Technological Affairs

Terran Institute for Technological Affairs

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Terran Intitute for Technological Affairs

The Terran Institute for Technological Affairs or TITA is an organization that promotes the development of new technologies on Terra.
TITA is led by a group of scientists from all accros Terra.


I, Mr. God had an idea for the implementation of Technology to Particracy. As we all know there has been very little to no technological advancement in the game since its creation. With this idea i would like to change that since it should be a fundemental part of the game as it also is in real life. I will explain how it works below.

How does it work?

There will be 2 category's at TITA which will be "Official Technology" and "Unofficial Technology"
If you have an idea for a new technology you can ask TITA to make it "Official Technology" so you will be able to RP with a created technology without any problems. In order to be approved by TITA you will have to create a long and realistic timeline for your technology in the form of Forum posts. For example you are developing a new kind of engine. In that case you should make several detailed articles on the development of this engine over the course of a few weeks. In these posts you will have to explain how the technology works and what the developments in its development are.

If TITA deems your technology to be RPed realistically and developed on a realistic timeline it will most likely be approved as a "Official" technology which will give the creator the ability to RP with the new technology as he or she pleases and it will be listed in the official list.
If a technology is not RPed realistically or in a realistic timeline it will be listed as "unofficial" technology and cannot be rped with. If TITA lists a technology as unofficial but it still has potential it will give you advice on how to succesfully change it.

An example for a request is as followed:

I would like TITA to make my technology official. The technology is called "Bendable Glass" which is glass that bends with an object or individual if someone or something applies enough pressure on it.

RP Reference: (Link) (Link) (Link) etc.....

A response by TITA could be as followed:

TITA DENIES your request for the "Bendable Glass" technology to be made official. It will therefor be listed as unofficial technology. The articles you provided do not explain how the technology works. Change this and reapply

To post a request for a technology to be made official you can react on this topic through the format above

Official Technologies

Unofficial Technologies

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