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Kronlander Turismus / Crownlander Tourism Board

PostPosted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 12:07 pm
by Martinulus

Kronlander Turismus (Kuronranderu Turishumushu / equivalent Kunikata name / Crownlander Tourism Board) is an agency funded by the Crownlander Government and Tourism sector to promote the Tourism industry in Hulstria and Gao-Soto. Its "Visit Hulstria and Gao-Soto Campaign", which was launched in 4405, highlights the nation's natural beauty, rich cultural heritage as a meeting point between East and West and its pristine mountain resorts.

From time to time, posts will be made here promoting the Crownlands as a tourist destination.

Re: Kronlander Turismus / Crownlander Tourism Board

PostPosted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 6:35 pm
by Martinulus

Discover Hulstria and Gao-Soto
In 5 essential city trips

Discover beautiful Hulstria and Gao-Soto and all it has to offer in terms of its vibrant and ancient cities at this meeting point between east and west, Dovani and Artania! Discover the cradle of Gao-Showan civilization, the grandeur of the Greater Hulstria era and the vibrant, diverse melting-pot culture only the Crownlands can offer! Every year, more and more people come to our nation to discover for themselves - and there is something to everyone's taste in the varied and diverse cityscape of the land of two peoples. Here are 5 Hulstria and Gao-Soto city trip destinations you simply have to have visited. What's your next discovery?

1. Ancient Kien and Cosmopolitan Phönix

No visit to Hulstria and Gao-Soto is complete without a visit to its historic capital! Situated in the expansive Kiennese Plain in Crownland Hulstria, the cities of Kien and Phönix offer enough to see and do to return time and time again to discover something new. Kien, the historical capital of the Hulstrian Empire, was founded by its namesake Erich Kien in 1510. It has served as the centre of Hulstrian power for ages and its grandeur reflects this. Within the bounds of Greater Kien are dozens of sights related to its grand Imperial heritage, including Heinrich University, Phönixstein Castle and, of course, Fliederbrunn Palace. Interested in history? Visit countless national monuments such as the 15th of September Monument and the National Cathedral. For those who wish to travel off the beaten track, Phönix is an excellent choice, with its cosmopolitan culture, historic city centre and excellent nightlife.

5 things to do in Kien and Phönix
1. Experience the grandeur of the Rothingren Dynasty which once ruled half the world! Visit Fliederbrunn and Korlburg Palaces, and experience the grandeur of the Hulstrian Imperial tradition for yourself. Cap this with a visit to Heinrich University, named after one man who ruled Hulstria, Luthori, Trigunia and Alduria and established the Terran Empire, and the Rudolph III Imperial Museum.
2. Follow in the footsteps of champions of freedom and democracy that made a lasting impact on the world. Visit the townhouse of Thomas Michels, founder of Septembrism, which is one of the many destinations on the 15th of September Walk around the city. This also passes by the 15th of September Monument which is the focal point of the Crownlands' national holiday. Due to open in 4410: the 15th of September Experience, in which you can experience for yourself what it was like to fight for your freedom. Would you risk your life?
3. Experience the authentic Hulstrian coffee culture! Kien is littered with traditional Hulstrian cafés, where you can treat yourself to the traditional Kiener mélange. Want something more modern? Then head off to Phönix and discover the vibrant atmosphere of the Schlossviertel, where you can get anything from soy to skinny and from decaf to latte. While you're at it, end your day eating the original Kienerschnitzel to cap off your traditional experience of Hulstrian cuisine.
4. Want something completely different? Visit Kien's Morokist Quarter and soak up its distinctive atmosphere and culture. If you're lucky, you may find yourself at one of its many fairs and festivals throughout the year. Through the year, here's where you can find art galleries, restaurants and drinking establishments that make this the most cosy place in the Kien metropolis.
5. Take an architecture walk around the city and experience the various styles, from baroque to jugendstil and from soaring church towers to the cutting-edge skyline of the Kien Business District. Picturesqueness guaranteed! If you're looking to please the ears as well as the eyes, cap it off with a visit to the Reichsoper or the world-famous Kiener Philharmoniker.

What to eat and drink:
- Kienerschnitzel
- Kiener Mélange, and coffee in general

How to get there:
Kien is easily accessible through the nation's premier airport, Kien-Phönix International Airport Heinrich I, which has an excellent railway connection to the city.

2. Oriental Miyako

Discover the very cradle of the Gao-Showan Civilization that shaped Dovani long before the arrival of Sir Christopher Dove! The city of Miyako is the ancient capital of Gao-Soto, which in medieval times spanned the breadth of Dovani. Now the home to the Imperial Clan, Miyako has been revived as the cultural centre of Gao-Showan culture in the Crownlands. If you are interested in the mystery and unique outlook of Mikokuzin culture, look no further than Miyako and its manyfold things to see. You will find it a spiritually and culturally enriching experience in the heart of Kunihito culture.

5 things to do in Miyako
1. Join in the ages-old Kunihito traditions and honour the spirits! Miyako is surrounded by numerous shrines to the Kami, the nature spirits worshipped in the native religion of Gao-Soto. Many of these are open to visitors who wish to learn more about these sacred places and respect the ancient traditions that surround them. The Imperial Shrine of Amatubime is a must-see for all who are interested in the rich spiritual heritage of the Gao-Showan peoples.
2. Breathe the atmosphere of an Empire that has existed for ages. Visit the Imperial Palace, home of the Kurosawa Clan, and cap the historical experience off with a visit to the Emperor Akihiko Imperial Museum of Gao-Showan and North Dovani History, with its large array of artifacts from the Empire of Gao-Soto.
3. Experience the differentness of the Rothingren Quarter, the colonial centre of Miyako, telling the story of the city as the princely seat of the Rothingren Imperial Family. Visit Schloss Rothingren, which is now a museum dedicated to the colonial era, and find out what changed between the medieval Gao-Showan Empire and the Crownlands as we know them today.
4. Try traditional Gao-Showan cuisine! Don't miss the large array of sushi bars and traditional grill cuisine that characterised the cuisine on the North Dovani plain. Tastebuds guaranteed to be pleased!
5. Hilgar's best-kept secret: take the train to Hikyuu-zyou to visit the Volksstaat Museum, a quaint small museum dedicated to the heritage of the People's State of Hulstria and Gao-Soto which had its capital in this city. While you're at it, take the time to experience the vastness of the North Dovani plain and the many unique cities and towns of Crownland Hilgar, ideal for your next visit!

What to eat and drink:
- Traditional Gao-Showan sushi
- Rice dishes
- Gao-showan grilled fish and steak
- Traditional Gao-Showan sake

How to get there:
You can fly into the Southern Capital easily! Just book your ticket to Kurosawa the Great International Airport and you're all set.

3. Grandiose Labsburg

Labsburg is the second capital of Hulstria and Gao-Soto, a role it first fulfilled during the Mikuni-Hulstria era, when the House of Yukio-Labsburg took over the throne. This Imperial and capital heritage is visible in its grand baroque architecture, which is truly unique and incorporates both Eastern and Western influences. But even before the rise of the Yukio-Labsburgs, Labsburg was a grand city, with many baroque elements dating back to the colonial era. If you're into technology and industrial heritage, don't forget to visit the Hulstrian Automobiles Museum, a reminder of Labsburg's once-major automobiles industry.

5 things to do in Labsburg
1. Visit the Labsburg Imperial Palace, the former home of the Yukio-Labsburg dynasty, and experience the grandiose atmosphere of the neo-feudal Empire they helped create. Combine this with a visit to the Yukio-Labsburg Heritage Museum, which boasts the largest collection of traditional manga propaganda from the Mikuni-Hulstrian era in the Crownlands, and also has a collection of major works of Gao-Showan pre-modern art.
2. If you can't take the train out to the Budenlarer Schnee-Berge and visit the birthplace of famed composer Johann Emmanuel Visp, go hear one of his masterpieces performed! The city's major concert halls all offer excellent acoustics to experience the master of Terran baroque. Geheimtipp: if you can get your hands on the tickets, hear the monumental Missa Apostolica in B minor performed in the Schlosskapelle, for which its Kyrie and Gloria were first composed. Around Deseration Friday, be sure to look out for Visp's world-famous St. Theodore Exile and St. Joseph Exile oratorios!
3. Take in the old industrial glory of Labsburg by visiting the Hulstrian Automobile and Transport Museum! Labsburg was once one of the major centres for manufacturing cars in the world, and that heritage is still alive in this old Adler factory hall where you can look at the historic production process and experience several old models.
4. Experience the romantic atmosphere of the Buden River with its many bridges! This majestic river is crossed by a great number of monumental bridges, all of which are worth seeing! Fancy the outdoors? Take the train out of the city for a ride along the mighty banks of the river.
5. Labsburg is one of the most vibrant shopping centres in the Crownlands. We've got virtually every major chain present in the country in Labsburg. Be sure to visit the Kafuhauzu desu Osuten, the department store that dates back to the Mikuni-Hulstrian era, and the Imperial Book Enterprise Store, which is one of the largest bookstores in the nation. Success guaranteed!

Things to eat and drink
- Traditional Hulstrian Lager
- Budenlarer Torte

How to get there
Labsburg has its own international airport, which is conveniently located not far from the city centre.

4. Colourful Syakusen

There is no city that epitomises the melting pot of Hulstria and Gao-Soto more than Syakusen or Graaffsberg. Located at the heart of multi-ethnic Crownland Mitrania, Syakusen offers both the traditional distinct Mitranian culture and the native Kunihito culture, and everything in between! The city is the birthplace of famous games corporation Tenkoun and of colourful game characters we all love like Super José and his brother Alejandro. With the imposing Kogoyama/Herzoginnejoch Mountain towering above the city, Syakusen is also the ideal base for exploring the Schnee-Berge and Mitrania's famous Oberflachland.

5 things to do in Syakusen
1. Find out what happens when Kunihito and Hulstrian culture collide by visiting one of Syakusen's many new cultural attractions! The must-see attraction is the Syakusen-Graaffsberg Museum of Crownlander Popular Culture, located in the old Tenkoun Headquarters, which contains homages to all forms of popular culture, including beloved characters like Super José, anime and manga series, and the best après ski tunes this side of Terra! While you're at it, go to one of the many cinemas and experience the animation tradition for yourself.
2. Spend a day at the Graaffsberger Tiergarten, one of the largest and most diverse zoos in the Crownlands! This outing is particularly beloved for families, but those of all ages will have a great day.
3. Take the train through the Herzoginnejoch, one of the world's longest tunnels, and visit Hennersdam-Numamura high up in the Schnee-Berge! Hennersdam exemplifies the Hulstrian-Mitranian city with its grand colonial architecture and its picturesque setting in the Schnee-Berge Mountains. It is also noted as the birthplace of the Second September Revolution, which is honoured at sights throughout the city, including the Reichsbürgerwehr Monument.
4. Tired of the city? Take a train out into the mountains and climb to some of the highest points on Dovani and Terra. With the Herzoginnejoch in reach, there's no shortage of hikes for the adventurous rambler in the Mitranian mountain countryside. Not one for hiking? Take one of the cablecars. If you need to relax, visit one of the spa towns in the Oberflachland, famed for their refreshing mountain air.
5. Visit one of the many manifestations of both Gao-Showan and Mitranian culture in Syakusen. In particular, look out for traditional Maypole dancing in Syakusen and in particular in the many villages around it. Remember also to enjoy traditional Mitranian cuisine, with barbecued sausages, Erdknöbel and the Mitranian answer to Kienerschnitzel, and a taste of the many local beers brewed in the region. Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit! Zum güte!

What to eat and drink
- Gebrai (traditional Mitranian Barbecue)
- Erdknöbel
- Local Mitranian beer
- Brez'n (Mitranian Pretzels)

How to get there
Syakusen has its own airport, but if you cannot get a ticket there, it is also easy to get to Syakusen via intercity links from Miyako, Kien or Labsburg.

5. Dreamy Anderinch

Need a fairytale outing near the seaside? Look no further than Anderinch, the dreamy capital of Crownland Kuratha. Home to the Dukes of Anderinch, this colonial town breathes the atmosphere of colonial Hulstria more than any other, with its charming colonial architecture and dreaming spires.

5 things to do in Anderinch
1. Take the train out to the seaside and experience the seaside resorts. Catch a boat to see the many dolphins and whales that populate the coastlines of Hulstria and Gao-Soto. While you're at it, you can visit the Marine Centre back in Anderinch and learn more about the local sealife.
2. Walk along cobblestone streets along the charming colonial architecture and breathe in the architecture of times past.
3. Visit the Kuratha Open Air Museum and experience life in 17th-century Hulstria as well as medieval Gao-Soto for yourself! Due to this lifelike re-enactment, you will get a unique insight into the daily lifes of the country's citizens.
4. Interested in the history of war? Rent a car and take a roadtrip along various sites from the Second September Revolution. Learn about the exploits of the famous Nachtadler, the Volksarmee, the RBW, and the stratagems of both the coalition and regime forces as you discover the remnants the war has left in this Crownland.
5. Experience one of the many charming historical bed-and-breakfasts in the Anderinch city centre. Stay like a noble, or a merchant. Want to take some of it home? See if anything piques your interest in the many antiquariats that dot the city centre.

Things to eat and drink
- Fish dishes
- Kuratha Mussles

How to get to Anderinch
You can catch a train to Anderinch easily if you fly into Labsburg.