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Official organization for protecting, helping and rescuing gay people since 4542

On January 4542, Oscar Verrückt of Gao-Soto created an organization with the target of promoting not only gay values, acting nationally, but create a globally organization funded by Oscar Verrückt and the state of Gao-Soto and Hulstria, trying to help young and old gay people that are the victims of the oppressive reactionaries. Not only those who passed through bad experiences, but also those who seek to know better this people. The organization has different sections, Education, where people learn about homosexuality (male homosexuality), Social, where people search to spread the acceptance of homosexual individuals and find ways to provide help for them in the society, but also learn how, Help, where people are consulted and given answers, Shelter, where people can seek asylum and receive for a time free meals, a roof above the head, conditions to live, protection and basic education and crafting skills, Art, where people search to promote the beautiful sides of homosexuality through paintings, drawings, poems and more and Funds, where we receive extra money, donations and charitable actions where we build new centers and gather money for disadvantaged and discriminated homosexuals.

The organization was created by Oscar Verrückt himself, for helping homosexuals who suffered because of the repressive heterosexist laws or because of their communities, parents, friends or just suffered from accidents and need medical care, shelter or an advice. The monarch spent over 1 quadrillion of Hulstrian Crowns on the new organization and His Majesty makes plans for extending it and attract investors and people who want to donate, holding more charitable events and more.

His Majesty, Oscar Verrückt said:
I did this organization, that is called VerrücktProject, to help, protect, inform and improve people lives, especially those who are male homosexuals who suffer the most from the prejudices around being gay. This organization will concentrate on educating people in schools, making events, charities about homosexuality and helping them, will expand and reach as many as possible, help and protect the needy people and promote a better way of living. With this organization, state owned charity-based we shall make miracles and make a better world in which homosexual people can live just like their peers.
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