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Northern Council forms Multinational Naval Task Force
11th May, 4359.

The Northern Council has launches a new multinational force in Hutori in its step towards championing complete and unconditional security within the Northern Hemisphere and environs and to maintain a constant presence in the Northern Hemisphere. Maritime assets from Hutori, Dorvik, Luthori and Kazulia are expected to make up the multinational maritime force. Mounting tensions in northern Dovani coupled with the instability developing in the Trigunian Princedom has raised the stakes with major nations such as Kazulia warning nations of an impending conflict. According to the Joint Headquarters, naval forces and their respective marine infantry are expected to conduct various peacetime exercises with the intention of preparing the force coined the Joint Maritime Intermediate Reaction Force (JMIRF) for operations ranging from humanitarianism to a global conflict. According to Naval High Command, various "specialised" warships such as the Queen Annette-class aircraft carriers and the Hutorian Williams and Graham class Aircraft Carriers have been hinted to be on rotation for the task force.
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