Royal Barmenian Fair (all invited)

Royal Barmenian Fair (all invited)

Postby SelucianCrusader » Sat Jul 06, 2013 11:27 pm


Painting by royal republican court artist Frjsrl Nrljkai depicting medieval Varistad. The painting has been labelled "overly romanticised" by historians.

VARISTAD - Her Majesty Shahbanu Julianna I of the Felinist Republic of Barmenia has announced a grand exhibition, called the Royal Barmenian Fair. The exhibition, consisting of a series of conferences, festivals and celebrations, shall begin on March 1st, 3512, and will be hosted primary around the Republic's capital of Varistad.

The conference series' theme is to vitalize and celebrate Barmenian and Northern Majatran culture and tradition, as well as encouraging a discussion of how ancient traditions can be merged into the ways of a 36:th century liberal democracy. Present will be representatives of the civil society such as local history societies, paramilitaries, advocacy groups, the Queranz church, the High Priesthood of the Temple of Lions, representatives of the republican institutions and the Queen herself. The primary force behind the Fair is the Banehawk/Mede Consortium, an “advocacy group” of influential intellectuals, businessmen, priests and ideologues working for the interests of Barmenia's Knsal (Consul), Eyaan Banehawk, and for the preservation of the monarchy under the Mede Dynasty.

The main sessions are as follows:

* Why Barmenia is a Republic
Representatives of Her Majesty's Government will discuss the topic of republicanism and monarchism, and explain how Barmenia can have a Royal House as Jezmrjkais (Great Protectors) of the Felinist Republic and still maintain it's republican system of government.

* Barmenia: The greenest and most libertarian country of Majatra
Here, representatives of the Lionist Vanguard will discuss the latest domestic political developments and explain how their libertarian conservative and environmentalist ideology has made Barmenia the greenest and most liberal country on the Majatran continent.

* The March of Vanuku - our birthright
Discussions will revolve around Barmenias annexation of Vanuku - why this is justified - and how peaceful and prosperous Mrjstat Wrnuke has become since a Barmenian administratin took over.

* 275 years of struggle for freedom - The Crimson Crusade
This session will centre around the history and current activities of the International Crimson Crusade as well how countries can benefit from having an independent, privatized military sector.

*The Lion roared - The Legend of Gaea
In this very special ceremony, hosted at the tri-millenarian Ziggurat of Varistad, the High Priesthood of the Temple of Lions will formally confirm the writing called the Legend of Gaea as canonical and equal to the Legend of Terek Bullslayer. This will be followed by a ceremonial reading aloud of the full text by Rev. High Priest Maugrim Khan.

The sessions are open to all representatives of foreign governments, political parties, historians, scientists, governmental or non-governmental organizations, and other interest groups.

The Queen specifically thanks the Eilomax® Company as well as the Seko-Cola® Company for their "contribution to freedom" by helping making this exhibition possible.
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Re: Royal Barmenian Fair (all invited)

Postby Siggon Kristov » Sun Jul 07, 2013 12:19 am

Karavs to Attend

Resurfacing in Lodamun, since their exile from Beluzia, the Karavs are set to attend the grand fair. They have always been supporters of Felinist movements, though they remain silent on the Vanuku situation - leaving their opinion of it unknown.

President of Lodamun, Edwin Fertig, intends to make use of this to strengthen ties between Lodamun and Barmenia, urging the Karavs to politically "court" Barmenian officials, but Karavs responded to the President, by saying that their family's identity must be separated from that of Lodamun's. Fertig disagreed, saying the Nationalist Party hopes to develop a cult of personality around the Karavs to raise the nation's morale. Karavs have discouraged politics in the Barmenian visit, saying they simply wish to re-establish ties with their old friends.
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Re: Royal Barmenian Fair (all invited)

Postby SelucianCrusader » Wed Nov 18, 2015 11:58 am

Barmenians gather to talk about history, culture, and the future


SEKHMET - 427 years after the first Royal Barmenian Fair, the new government has announced that it plans to hold a new, in central Sekhmet, to bolster the current wave of renewed interest in Barmenia's Felinist heritage. Attendees may come both from Barmenia as from the outside as well. At the centre of the Fair, five lectures will be held, the first one to be delivered by the Shah himself:

- The right to return for the Felinist Diaspora

His Majesty Eksandrus, Shah of the Barmenians, Hierophant and Protector of the Sacred Republic

- A heritage, a religion, a people or a philosophy?

Robertus Orenius, Lynxian theologian

- Making Barmenia part of the civilized world

Ignatius Morganius, Legate of the International Crimson Crusade in Barmenia

- The role of irregular armed forces in restoring peace and order, and their future potential

Fabzi Tanhriék, Commander of the Claws and Paws Organization


- Barmenia in 20 years

Miranda Kez'ihrne, Foremost Spiritual Guide of the Lion's Vanguard
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Re: Royal Barmenian Fair (all invited)

Postby Kubrick » Thu Nov 19, 2015 1:04 am

Vanukeans look North
Can the Royal Barmenian Fair heal the age old wounds?

November 3939 - Relations between Barmenia and Vanuku have never been easy. The tensions go as far back as most can remember the two nations existing. The first Royal Barmenian Fair even proudly exhibited the bloody occupation of Vanuku as an advancement for the nation. During the time of Temrkai Khan the Vanukeans and Barmenians fought again in a long and bloody struggle before the great Temrkai himself intervered. A century after this it was the Khagan in Vanuku that ruled Barmenia with an iron fist as Shah, only to be betrayed by Ahmadi extremists. Even Felinists have never enjoyed any religious liberties in Vanuku, in contrary to all other religions of Terra, as the government always feared the political force behind the religion. In recent times several attempts have been made to reconcile the two nations but even the negotiations with the Kings of the Nasr dynasty crashed on the cliffs of Stormkaap. Now the Mede's are back, which to many seemed like a new era of mistrust and conflict between the two nations. Yet with the coming of the second Royal Barmenian Fair it seems that the government of Vanuku is attempting reconciliation once more. It has sent requests to the Shah himself to allow the Prince of Vanuku to attend. Whether the Prince will be welcomed by the Shah is yet to be seen, but the first steps towards a peaceful future have been made.
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