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Postby Yolo04 » Thu Oct 25, 2018 8:18 pm

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Re: Northern Council

Postby SavelyYuriev » Thu Oct 25, 2018 8:38 pm

Dolgavan New Government Will Stay

Due to the collapse of the Socialist government; the Dolgavan government has been reformed and will try to make Dolgava more active in the NC.
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Re: Northern Council

Postby Maxington » Mon Nov 05, 2018 11:30 pm

NOCTO launches major internal review amid concerns
Secretary-General of the Northern Council Treaty Organisation Eric Percival speaking on internal reforms.
11th October, 4480

Secretary-General of the Northern Council Treaty Organisation, Eric Percival has ordered an in-depth review of the organisation and functional structure of the northern hemispheric alliance, requesting that the alliance move away from its aggressive nature and centre on a path of true collective security, peace and cooperation. Percival stated that the current state of NOCTO reflects the poor geopolitical strategies of member states, particularly the alliance's forefront members. He cited the situation in Majatra as the beginning of the aggressive nature of the alliance, stating that the alliance's response to the situation was not measured understanding the geopolitical climate. He stated that the situation (that being the exploding of a nuclear device), created a reactionary tendency within the alliance, which until now has taken command of the alliance's functions to operate with the spectrum of cooperation and peace. Percival stated that ever-growing number of complex geopolitical challenges was the principle cause for the review. International pressure is mounting on the alliance with various nations labelling the alliance as aggressive, however some critics of the alliance have shown their hypocritical angles, thus leading to the perception that their criticism of the alliance is aimed at tarnishing the very fabric of the organisation. Secretary-General Percival called said nations "A danger to the established peace."

The Northern Council Treaty Organisation remains the most powerful military alliance in history, however as the old notion goes, "with great power comes great responsibility." Percival has highlighted the fact that the alliance has doubled back on its commitment to cooperation in the Northern Hemisphere. Secretary-General Percival noted that the alliance's decisions over the past century had mainly been focused on the needs of those within the alliance, meaning that its actions (to an extent) had been driven solely for the benefit of the alliance's inner circle. The founding function of the Northern Council Treaty Organisation, was to facilitate wholesale progress and collective cooperation within the Northern Hemisphere. Overtime the alliance shifted its purposes and goals towards becoming the purely military alliance it is today. For situations within the Northern Hemisphere to change, it is imperative that the Northern Council Treaty Organisation changes as it is the enabler of geopolitical action in the North and in some cases the wider world. To that extent, Secretary-General Percival stated that he intends on reorienting the alliance towards its founding principles on economic and military integration and cooperation.

Discussions are to be held among the various decision-making bodies within the alliance, including the Defence Council and the General Assembly. The alliance functions on the premise of organisational communication and democratic understandings. From the Secretary-General to low-level administrative/organisational bodies, the alliance must ensure holistic participation. "The best way to preserve a democracy is to ensure participation," Percival said. It is the intention of Percival and the collective Northern Council to push the alliance away from aggressive military action to working for the betterment of the Northern Hemisphere through the parameters of defence, economics and cooperation.
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