Nowogard Conference

Nowogard Conference

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Logo of the Nowogard Conference

Nowogard Conference was a conference held in the capital city of the Republic of Valruzia - Nowogard. It was organized by the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Valruzia - Urzula Licheńska - the co-author of the Resolution of the Sejm of the Republic of Valruzia on the Condemnation of Communist and Fascist Regimes. The Conference was attended by thousands of guests and the Presidents of Dorvik and Valruzia.

Nowogard Declaration is a document, based on the Declaration of the Valruzian Parliament, drafted by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Valruzia and is aimed at raising consciousness and awareness of threats and dangers of authoritarian and totalitarian regimes, especially those of communist and fascist nature. The authors of the Declaration strongly condemn the inhumane nature of the aforementioned ideologies. The document points out the main dangers coming from communism and fascism - depravation of individuals from their basic social, political and economic rights and the tendency of communist and fascist regimes to use the power granted by the mechanisms of a State against its Citizens and put those who oppose the ideologies at danger by either persecuting them or threatening of persecuting their families. The Declaration highlights the very inhumane origin of those ideologies which deprive human of their natural rights and powers.

• • • • Conference • • • •

Nowogard Congressional Center in Nowogard

The Conference was held at Nowogard Congressional Center in the Valruzian Capital. The Conference itself lasted three days, during which a series of debates on the threats of communism and fascism were be held. On the first day of the Conference, during an inaugural dinner, the full text of the Nowogard Declaration has been read for the gathered guests. On the second day, the gathered heads of states signed the Nowogard Declaration which was the culminating point of the whole meeting. After the signing, each Head of State received one of three original copies of the Declaration as each of the Signatory States will become the Official Depositary of the Declaration.

OOC: Signing the Declaration does not mean that the treaty has been ratified. The ratification process is still underway in both countries.
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