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Istalia-Vanuku Conference of Peace and Progress

PostPosted: Sun Dec 03, 2017 6:24 pm
by Kubrick
OOC: This is a private conference between the nations of Istalia and Vanuku. All parties in government of Istalia and Vanuku are allowed to participate. The idea of cooperation was initiated by Vanuku in the World Congress, Istalia (Axxell) then suggested other agreements to keep the balance between the two powers and assure Majatra becomes a strong and flourishing continent. Other nations and organizations ought not to know about what is being discussed here, only that Vanuku and Istalia are talking to each other.


- Spheres of influence in Majatra
- Ways of maintaining a peaceful balance in Majatra
- Ways of improving the economies of Majatra for a more worldwide influence of Majatran trade and production
- Rules and methods regarding intervention and judging political actions
- Anti-Communist pact
- Establishing the "Direct Phone Line" between Wiel and Romula

The Vanukean delegates, the Archduke Juhn of Banmek-Sntazed, Prefect Prince Jebr Banmek-Sntazed and Minister Judif Snahrib, together with several other important figures, welcome the Istalian delegation in Stormkaap, Vanuku.

Re: Istalia-Vanuku Conference of Peace and Progress

PostPosted: Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:01 pm
by Axxell
President Votta and the Istalian delegation finally arrived in Stormkaap, the helicopter which from Wiel brough them here it was close to the coast of the small island in the Gulf of Vanuku.
An island with high cliffs, covered with thick vegetation, which from the sea went up towards the northernmost promontory. There, a massive fortress stood on top of a mountain of solid rock, like a monolith emerging from the sea.
The helicopter, however, continued further, beginning the descent only close to a large clearing in the middle of the thick forest in the center of which stood a large country villa, vaguely colonial style, reached by a road that more south came out of the trees.
Stormkaap... could means "Capo Tempesta" (OOC: "Storm's end" in italian)? It reminds me of something...
Votta smiled while continuing to look out the window while Minister al-Muthandir continued with his endless speeches with the Vanukuan official at the head of the men who accompanied them.
The helicopter landed on a trail behind the villa, and as the sliding door opened, a group of guards of honor sided at the sides of the ladder, a smallest group compared to the ones in Wiell, while a man in a suit approached.
"Benvenuto Signor Presidente!" welcomed him in Istalian at the foot of the ladder.
Many in Istalia thought that the Jelbek simply were awkward in speaking in Istalian, on the other hand the Istalians themselves had great difficulty with the Jelbek languages, perhaps too "sharp" for the Istalians, Votta at least had this opinion, and not surprising too much considering how much the Istalian Nationalists are proud of their Fatherland and how much they consider the culture and the Istalian society to be superior. In more Votta of his sack he put all his narcissism on it.
But the Votta who had set foot on that asphalt track was the Votta most pragmatic and resolute. The proposal of Romulani and al-Muthandir, as they had said the word "anti-communism", had made him immediately straighten his ears, as well as the words "more exchanges, more trade, more money", that had also made him come back to mind his portfolio of shares.
The delegation was accompanied to the Villa, by accessing through the French windows directly into an elegant hall.
Here they are...
He thought, looking at their serious faces and answering with equal seriousness, at least until the Archduke, stepped forward, finally broke into a smile as he welcomed the Istalian Head of State.
The meeting could begin, at least after the necessary pleasantries of welcome.

OOC: I hope it is not a problem if I took some liberty in describing the place

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 08, 2017 3:11 am
by Kubrick
The small tower where the delegations held their meeting.

The Archduke, Prince Juhn Banmek-Sntazed, welcomes the delegation with open arms in the lavish welcoming hall of the 17th century fortress. In fluent Istalian he greets the Istalian delegation. "Buongiorno, I apologize for the weather. But this is Stormkaap after all, the Cape of Storms! Many historical accords for the betterment of the world have been signed in this historical building, which once was a Dorvish fortress. Come, come, follow me to the meeting room." With almost theatrical gestures the Archduke heads the two delegations to the meeting room. The room is lavishly decorated in the style of the Vanukean Golden Age with dark woods, gold and many paintings. The delegations sit down at either side of the long table with in the middle a large map and a set of papers for each individual. After some pleasantries the Archduke calls the people to order and switches to Luthorian, so all the members of the Vanukean delegation can follow the talks too. "Once again, I thank you for coming here but now I would like to formally start this conference. As shown in the documents in front of you the first point to address is the spheres of influence so our nations will no longer find conflict on our own soil." The Archduke rises and gestures to the big map on the centre of the table. "The Vanukean proposal is as follows, if you turn to page two."





After giving the men and women some time to read he proceeds his talk. "As you can see we have put some thought in historical ties and stability. First I will go over the Vanukean zone, the Jelbic nations of Barmenia and Jelbania and in some ways Pontesi speak for themselves, they are the cultural brothers of Vanuku and belong in our sphere. Beiteynu is the lonely man at the top left corner and to us it feels logical to therefore add it to our sphere. The Vanukean state has a long history with Zardugal both as great allies and as enemies but Vanuku's ties to the Augustan Crown and the many reiterations of the Augustan Empire make us feel that this nation is best left to our sphere. Last, but not least, we have Cildania, a nation that is historically immensely close to Vanuku and long served as a puppet in the former hegemony of the great Vanukean Principality, now succeeded by our Kingdom. We view Cildania as one of our brotherly nations and therefore would like to keep them within our sphere."

The Archduke pauses a moment for a sip of water before he continues. "Now, the Istalian sphere. We have, as we found most logical, added your neighbour Solentia. Also the oil rich nations of Kafuristan and Jakania have been added to your sphere, seeing as they are in the southern half of Majatra, in your vicinity and you seem to be closely involved in the affairs of those nations. Or you at least have an interest in them. The last reason is also very valid for Wantuni-Kalopia, where the tensions of the past decades have always been of great interest to Istalia. Therefore we also felt they belonged in your sphere. Then we have Selucia, the father of Istalia by all means but now a weak and frail man. They are your cultural brothers and therefore belong to you. Lastly we have added Cobura, as we only felt it would be fair to both have six states within our respective spheres. Cobura borders Zardugal but we feel this will not be an issue seeing as we also have a proposed buffer state aided by the immensely large Lake Majatra. It is Deltaria that we wish to keep as our buffer state. Yes, we would like it within our sphere as it is a monarchist nation and it houses the Papez of our beloved main Hosian church but we feel there should be at least one nation seperating the spheres." Again the Archduke pauses, taking in the atmosphere of the room by looking at the delegation. "Now I am very curious what you think. Please, Presidente, indulge me."

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 09, 2017 1:10 pm
by Axxell
President Votta take some time to respond, he checked again the documents the Vanukeans passed him, then he said:

"His Highness, the proposal of Vanuku is without dubt fair and very interesting. It answers to the hopes which pushed us to get in touch with you.
However... One single point blocks us to accept the terms of this proposal: Zardugal.
Zardugal, as you surely know, is since almost a century linked to Istalia not only through the Majatran Alliance, but above all we are linked through the Istalo-Zardic Alliance and Common Economic Area, established years before the Majatran Alliance and its veritable backbone.
This led to a strong economic cooperation and integration and so, it would be a veritable issue to put Zardugal under the arra of influence of Vanuku.

For this reason, we would like propose to Vanuku to consider Zardugal and Selucia with the same status of Deltaria. In this way both of us furthermore will continue to have an equal number of nations under their influence.
Zardugal, like Deltaria, is not considered as a mere areas of influence, but as veritable partner, as well Selucia of course.

I really hope the Govenrment of Vanuku will consider this counterproposal, but now, I would already begin to talk in parallel also about some other points which we proposed to deal with, first of all "Economy" and "Communism". Majatra has a lot of potential, it houses two of the three greatest economy worldwide and which currently is experiencing a period of stability which last for a relatively long period, allowing growth, exchanges and so on. However, is undeniable that century of trouble generated a certain retard compared first of all with Artania. The AU is undeniable that for century boasted the artanian economy thanks to corporate and economical cooperations. Our companies, instead, spent time to compete but above all cannot access to our respective markets! Two of the three greatest economy of Terra have limited access in the markets of the other one! What a waste of potential... Potential which we shall protect from the madness of suicidical mass collectivisation and failing state capitalism, or other inefficient, depressing and anti-business economic system. I personally think it is our duty to protect the engine of our success, for our peoples and for our continent.

So... What will be your response, our honorable hosts?

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 10:40 pm
by Kubrick
OOC: Sincere apologies for the long delay, Axxell, real life is a struggle sometimes.

After the Istalian President said his part the Vanukean delegation started discussing amongst themselves. A younger man at the edge of the table stood up as the talks wrapped up and whispered a few words into the ear of the Archduke, who nodded while listening. Now the Archduke is smiling at the Istalian delegation. "Mister President, my keen Secretary of Foreign Affairs just raised an issue with me that is quite concerning in regards to this.. new division. As you stated, the Zardic state is a close ally of Istalia. Selucia is, as I imagine, also alligned to your state with the whole historical ties and what not. Thus to us it seems rather useless to keep these states as "buffer zones", since they will clearly be under your influence. Perhaps the idea of the buffer state should be abolished in completion. You may have Zardugal and Selucia if Deltaria is left for the Vanukean sphere. With our soldiers having fought side by side I hardly believe this will be a big problem, we will never truly become nemesis again. Our horizon has broadened to the enemies of our progress outside of Majatra." The Archduke would smile at them and then sip from his water before continuing.

"The point you raised, mister President, about the economies of our beloved continent is very true. Centuries long the Majatran Union has already existed but in all truth is merely a union of formality, a place where old irrelevant diplomats sometimes meet and speak. Perhaps to attain what you seek, that being closer economic cooperation and a stronger Majatra with flourishing economies, we ought to forge a new union. A Majatran economic union where we help weaker economies, focus trade on Majatra and strenghten each other, together." When the Archduke snaps his finger a young employee places several new documents on the table. "Before you is a draft of an economic union idea, focused on subsidy, abolishment of tariffs in Majatra and an increased focus on products and produce made in Majatra to be bought and sold in Majatra and with a greater effort exported to the rest of the world. If the two largest economies of Majatra kickstart this project then it is undeniable that the others will follow."

"Furthermore I would like to raise the points of intervention across the globe and keeping the peace between our nations. The spheres of influence are one thing, but we both know that our nations have a different view on what the responsibilities of states are. As I believe the Istalian delegation had the idea of a special telephone line between Romula and Wiel so the governments of both nations can instantly communicate with each other regarding pressing matters. It is therefore my proposal that whenever either of our nations makes a global step that might agitate the other party we first communicate over this "Red Phone". Does that sound acceptable? Oh and one last thing, I received a message from the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the General of the Vanukean Forces in Hulstria that claims Vanuku will not be given any occupation zone. I am sure we can reach a deal here, can we not? More Vanukean troops died, as far as I was told, surely the Vanukean Armed Forces will have a part in rebuilding the nations of Hulstria and Ostland. That was precisely the reason why our troops where outfitted for peacekeeping duties and also exactly the reason why the First Fleet is carrying food rations and building supplies. We want to be a part of the effort, President, and not be excluded after our first successful endeavour together."

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 2:38 pm
by Axxell
President Votta smiled to the Vanukean delegation, his head moved in signs of consent, then, after taking a drink of water, responded:

"These last proposals are very interesting and fair and I think that we can accept. It is true, the ties between Selucia and Zardugal are very strong and currently, also regarding to the politica system of Deltaria, probably it could be more suitable a more close relations with Vanuku.
And yes, after the events in Hulstria and given the committment of both our Government to try the path of the cooperation, we can totally stamp out the concept of "buffer state" and instead make more efforts to develop the cooperation.

However, personally, and I already expressed this my opinions to my Government, I think that it would be better for both our state to avoid a new suvranational organizations and indeed proceed on the path of bilateral and multilateral relations, especially between Vanuku and its associates and the Majatran Alliance. I think that a Pact of Economical Cooperation, Integration and liberalization would be more suitable and more elastic for both our nations and economies. Something like a Majatran Free Trade Area or also a Majatran Customs Union (which will provides an Free Trade Area and common external tariff which in agreement we could establish to promote, and protect, some economic sector very important for Majatra.
Personally, I'm quite against tariffs and other limits to the trade, but in the light of an internal continental development, on suggestion of my Prime Minister, and leader of the larger party in Istalia, I could agree, also because this will push as to improve our cooperations to reach the goal that we persue and then proceed to an armonization of regulation of products, of the three factors of production (land, capital and labor) and of the business.
So, we are very interesting of your proposal. Could you immediatly send a copy of your draft to Romula so that my Government could read it as soon as possible?

About the occupation of Hulstria, we fully agree and we should consider Vanuku alongside Kazulia as major force in the Coalition. I think that given the fact that the south-easternmost region of Hulstria is the lager one, we can agree to divide it furthermore between Dorvik and Vanuku, especially considering that Dorvik recently showed to be not very reliable. I think the western half of the region will be better, so your area will be close to the Istalian one.
About the post-war development, Istalia is preparing this: ... lid=549890 , maybe Vanuku could organize something of similar also joining the efforts for important infrastructural projects, like the reestablishment of fast connections between the internal regions with the coast.

Third point, we fully agree on the "Red Phone" proposal, it was exactly this our idea: a fast link between us to warn the other in case of important actions on the global stage and first of all in Majatra to avoid surprises, excalations and so on and, maybe, coordinate the efforts or try to solve the issue.

Finally, I think we didn't pay enough attention to a point with which I think our nations should deal: our Nuclear Arsenals. Both of us know very well that the primary and most important role of our Arsenals is thier function of deterrence, but Istalia, and especially me, is convinced that not all the nations are in the conditions to detain a Nuclear Arsenal. Strategically, Istalia has even more confiance in youfor example, than other nations closely related with us. For this reason I think that for the safe of all the continent both our nations should engage themself in establish something like a treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, which will assure to us the "monopoly" in Majatra and which should push us to coordinate us in a common policy of dissuasion before third Majatran nations.

If you agree also in the last point, I think that we have found an agreement Your Highness!"