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Keon Akhenhatshepsut Fleming, Chief of Scribes of the Division of Planning and Strategy, Her Majesty's Office of Imperial Affairs
I join in thanking Chief of Government Sidibe and the whole Talmorian government for calling this important summit. I am here in two capacities: as you can see from my title, my official role in public service is to serve as an advisor on strategy for Her Majesty the Queen's top counselors; however, since the Queen is democratically elected on my party's ticket, I am also here in a political capacity as a representative of the Federationist party which is currently the minority party in our country but also controls the office of head of state under our constitution.

Because of my dual role and the balancing act it requires, I waited to speak here because I wanted to stand back and see how things developed and see where delegates agreed and disagreed before deciding how best the Queen and the Pharaoh can support the conference. I was hoping that disagreements like Mr. Bekker's would continue with more conflict and detail so that it's clear where he and Mr. Dumas and everyone stands on issues like that and can then see if there is any possibility for resolution and common action. Because I share Lady Amanitore's view that unity is the goal but I and the Federationists feel we won't get there unless we can be frank and direct about what we like and don't like and what we want to see changed and happen going forward.

So I hope Mr. Dumas will come back to the table and I hope Mr. Bekker and everyone will continue to speak up, no holds barred. The fates of our peoples and our countries and governments are at stake. The fate of the Esinsundu World and all of Terran humanity is at stake. So I don't think we can afford to delude ourselves. I think we have be plain and direct about what we are gaining and losing by failing to unite together so that we can project our power to world and bring peace and prosperity to Terra again.
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