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Northern Council - Defence Council

PostPosted: Sun Apr 22, 2018 11:23 am
by Maxington
The Defence Council which was composed of Ministers of Defence, high-ranking military officials or other representatives appointed by the governments of member states. The Defence Council is responsible for operations and management of the “Collective security” principle of the Defence Council.

Amendment 1/4370
As per the article on Mutual Cooperation, Northern Council members must:
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1. Participate in multinational exercises conducted by the Northern Council.
2. Devote 3% of their nation's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to defence
3. Must orient their national armed forces to the standards of the Northern Council (that being they must uphold the principles of professionalism and doctrinal obedience.)
4. Make provisions for a multinational brigade (similar to the 1st Joint Arctic Response Brigade (1st Hutorian-Kazulian Brigade), all member states must be aligned in a multinational brigade with another member state)
5. Commit forces to the alliance's Joint Maritime Intermediate Reaction Force and be actively involved in its operations.
6. Commit forces to the alliance's Aerospace Defence initiative and be actively involved in its operations.
7. Devote resources to humanitarian operations internationally, might it be under the banner of the Northern Council or the World Congress
8. Assist each other in enhancing each other's defensive and offensive posture through training and assistance.
9. Be committed to championing the sentiment of cooperation, mutual defence and human rights internationally.
10. Work towards the dismantling of weapons of mass destruction internationally and in their own nations.

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PostPosted: Wed May 23, 2018 4:00 pm
by Maxington
General Magnar Johannessen, Chairman of the Northern Council Defence Council
In the Kingdom of Kazulia, we firmly believe that international peace and security can be assured through strength. Our combined military and economic strength will pave the way for transnational peace and cooperation as your contributions to the organisation and the principles which it stands to safeguard and champion will be set in stone as the supporting pillars towards our common goal. This being the first meeting of the Northern Council Defence Council, as it stands there are a lot of decisions that need to be made before the Northern Council as a whole could move on with its intended operations. Some of those decisions include:

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1. The Northern Council's involvement in the situation in Saridan. We must discuss/debate whether the Northern Council will intervene into this situation and to what extent/degree will we intervene (if it were to happen).

2. The Northern Council's united development. As per the treaty's provisions on cooperation, the Northern Council must continue towards the united advancement of capabilities and strength among its member states. What must be decided now is whether nations are willing to make the move towards modernising their nation's respective armed forces.

3. The Northern Council's involvement in piracy internationally. Currently piracy plagues the international shipping routes thus prompting deep economic strain. The Northern Council must decide whether it is to continue on its path of combating piracy especially in the Central Dovani region and what roles will all members participating in said operations will play.

4. The Northern Council's continued drive complete security in the Northern Hemisphere. With the various members of the Northern Council launching construction programmes of radar systems and monitoring stations within their respective nations, it must be noted that it does not end here. As this alliance moves towards strengthening unity and cooperation, it is in the interest of its members to be in participation of the modernisation and expansion of joint systems.

Members of the Defence Council, I hereby commence the Northern Council's 1st Defence Council Conference. We hope that the proceedings of this conference will serve to unite the Northern Council and strengthen our established cooperation.

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PostPosted: Wed May 23, 2018 9:12 pm
by Cirith
Malcolm MacDougall
Ambassador for Luthori

The Governor General would want me to raise the matter of slavery in Ewiges Thalleristisches Reich von Narikaton, if Saridan is a threat because of slavery, so must be our northern neighbours. The Governor General would support involvement in the Saridan engagement to end slavery, we of course supported WCASO and Istalia in the Security Council on this matter, and are doing so again on Ewiges Thalleristisches Reich von Narikaton.

Luthori has already made moves towards modernisation of our armed forces, but more can certainly be done, what did the Chair have in mind exactly to be considered appropriate and on track modernisation?

The Governor General would be in favour of a measured apporach to piracy, as in member states put assets into a task force comparable to the loss caused by the piracy to said member state. For example, some member states will use a trade route more than others, so when operations centre on specifics, which nation is more effected should be clear, and they should put more into the operations, although of course the whole Council and its members must agree a base level.

The Governor General is open to hear all joint operations and venture proposals for all member states.

We would also raise the ongoing situation with Bianje, perhaps we can get an update on the operations of the Northern Council in that regard?

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PostPosted: Thu May 24, 2018 11:06 am
by Maxington
General Magnar Johannessen, Chairman of the Northern Council Defence Council
The situation as it revolves around Saridan needs to be approached with extreme care and in a similar manner, the situation in Narikaton. As it stands, Narikaton is not wholly a threat to the Northern Council, however Luthori can always bring a fact-driven case towards the defence council to highlight the reason as to why they believe Narikaton is a military threat. We urge Luthori to champion this sentiment through the World Congress, which is the most appropriate international body to deal with this situation.

The Modernisation of the Luthorian Armed Forces should come in a manner where it shows the international community that Luthori is committed to global security and cooperation. This means the resurgence of Luthori's oceanic and aerospace capabilities as well as the championing of more combat effective troops existing with the Luthorian Armed Forces.

As it pertains to the situation in Bianjie, the Kingdom of Kazulia has taken command of all operations and has removed the operation from the control of the Northern Council. This means that the situation in Bianjie is now being handled by the Kazulian Armed Forces and Kazulia's respect Defence structures. Aside from this, the Kazulian Chief of Defence has expressed interest in reintroducing Northern Council forces to the area of operation, however a public statement from Kazulian Defence Command has not been made where it pertains to this sentiment.

I would remind members that the matters discussed here should be solely on the premise of defence and military related activites as this is the Defence Council. Other matters should be carried to the responsible subordinate organs or international organisation.

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:50 am
by Martinulus
General Christoph Ernst, Commandant of the Reichsbürgerwehr

Gutentag, meine Herren. Minister Peter Meinhardt and the Government of the United Imperial Crownlands apologise for their absence and have deputed me to speak on behalf of Hulstria and Gao-Soto. We agree with the sentiments expressed by the Chair as pertains the situation between Luthori and Narikaton. The World Congress is our best hope for peaceful solutions. That having been said, I am instructed by the Foreign Ministry to grant our fullest support to Luthori in any course of action they should choose, honouring our longstanding alliance.

With regards to deployment of RBW forces to a combat theatre, we are willing to execute our duties to the fullest extent but would like to beg understanding for the war-weariness currently prevailing in a country that has its energies focused on reviving its economic fortunes. Investment in the RBW at higher than replacement levels is, sadly, only on the government's agenda after the economic situation has been improved. I was asked to assure the Council, though, that the government does intend to increase and update our military capabilities. Until then, the RBW will, of course, consider any tasks it is asked to perform, but I have to ask you for realism in terms of numbers and capabilities you can expect us to deploy.

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 14, 2018 1:31 pm
by Maxington
The 2nd Northern Council Treaty Organisation (NOCTO) Defence Council conference is scheduled for 2nd April, 4409.
It's proceedings will be outlined by Chief of Staff of the Joint Headquarters and Chairman of the Defence Council, General Anthony Bishop (Hutorian Army).

Pre-conference briefing on the situation in Jelbania. Recent of June 4408.
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Tensions are once more flaring in the region of Majatra, more specifically in the nation of Jelbania. As the various players within the region become increasingly involved, said tensions are increasing in their potential to boil over into an armed conflict which will once again throw Majatra into a state of instability. As times has progress what once was the fragmentation of a nation as it buckled for internal stability, has now transformed into a crisis of global dimensions. Before one could understand the prospects of “Why” and “How”, one must become familiar with the various parties involved in the crisis.

The fragmentation of Jelbania saw the rise of various clans/cliques who, since the fragmentation of the nation, have claimed various titles including being the rightful government of Jelbania. In  the north stands the Northern Khaganate, champions of the old purple stripe regime which once ruled Jelbania cooperatively with the Jeztrid Blue Horde. This clique has recieved the upmost backing of the region’s powerbroker, the Kingdom of Vanuku. To the south stands the Katonid Khanate, a self-proclaimed state established posterior to the Baron Katona "The Butcher" Von Thaller’s invasion of Jelbania in 4389. This clique has recieved the upmost backing of another one of the region’s powerbrokers, the Grand Principality of Deltaria. To the east is the Free Republic of Jelbania, a seemingly non-aligned self-proclaimed state which has spent the majority of its time summing up international recognition of its independence. Currently, supporters of the Free Republic are unknown. And to the south-west is the Tribal Areas. Mainly containing various ethnic groups spread across the nation and are the last remnants of the spirtual/religious side of the previous regimes. Allies of the Tibal Areas are unknown mainly due to the fact that it has not involved itself in the situation, mainly wishing to be left alone. There is also Zardugal who is fighting the tribal areas. There is also the Jeztrid Blue Horde a paramilitary organisation which has long existed in Jelbania but was forced out of the nation after the Deltarian paramilitary known as “the Sons of Zog” invaded Jelbania and executed various members within Jelbania’s royal family. The paramilitary organisation now operates within Tribal Areas and serve as the region’s foremost line of defence against the action of Zardic invasion force.

Around March 4404, a report by Brian Kadima the special rapporteur for the World Congress in Jelbania has detailed an alarming rise in the ungoverned south-west of the country which is now popularly known as the "Tribal Areas" Violence over domination of major trade routes and mines in the area has seen hundreds of clan militia, civilians and foreign mine workers killed. In one disturbing incident near Vrnestrap, Baokrt clan militia attacked Kshulus, a mining town nearby, killing 43 foreigners and 16 locals and then looting the town of everything including digging up copper cables. The enraged clan's Bek Aldrkai Lazrsmrko Baokrt called the report a "bloody and ill-informed slander" and challenged Kadima to a duel for slurring the honour of the Baokrt clan. Kadima called for immediate World Congress intervention into the Jelbek political crisis which has seen the country's unified government collapse and several region-based government rise up. In that same year there had been similar reports of a violent confrontation between Katonid border forces and a still unidentified force, which is now known to be the Jeztrid Blue Horde operating in the tribal areas.

In January 4405, World Congress observer Brian Kadima reported intense conflict in the poorly-defined border regions between the Katonid Khanate and the Northern Khaganate, thus marking the beginning of the Katonid-Khaganate war. In Feburary of that same year, the Vanukean Armed Forces entered the Northern Khaganate under the premise of defending their historic brothers from the Katonid threat and in a similar manner the Deltarian Armed Forces had entered the Katonid Khanate under the premise of defending the Khanate from the threat that is Vanuku’s support for the Khaganate. From 4405 to 4407 tensions between the Katonid Khanate and the Northern Khaganate and their respective sponsors mounted as the situation deteriorated on the regional level and within the World Congress Security Council. In January 4408 it had been reported that Premier of the Free Republic of Jelbania Temrkai Kez'i, his wife Mri and their driver had died after the explosion of a car bomb.

In the same month, there had been reports of Jelbek mobs attacking Deltarian-Jelbanian minorities in the Free Republic of Jelbania after the Katonid Khanate had been blamed for the assassination of Premier Kez’i. In June of that same year, It bad been reported that four Vanukean soldiers have been killed by retreating Katonid-Deltarian forces, thus sending tensions between Vanuku and Deltaria flarring to uncomfortable proportions. Anti-Deltarian violence intensified throughout the Free Republic claiming more than 2,000 lives.

The situation developing Jelbania is complicated as ever and could potentially lead to another major conflict in Majatra.

This meeting occurs behind closed doors. Non-essential personnel including the media are not allowed to enter the room or record the meeting proceedings. Persons claiming to know the detailed discussions of the meeting will be ignored. A briefing by the Secretary-General will follow after the meeting has concluded.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2018 3:20 pm
by RIS
Chief of Staff of the Joint Headquarters and Chairman of the Defense Council, General Anthony Bishop (HRA)

Address to the Council:

Recently we have seen an increase in instability in Jelbania, while this can at least in part be attributed to the fractured nature of Jelbanian culture it has been exacerbated by foreign actors. One of which is Vanuku who support their own faction within Jelbania and the other is Deltaria of support a different opposing faction. However, there is one faction that has thus far remained neutral in this conflict and that is the Free Republic of Jelbania, though they have suffered from incursions by both opposing factions.

We are here to discuss our options for promoting peace within the region and what actions must be taken to achieve that objective. With that I open this council to discussion.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2018 4:07 pm
by Maxington
Kazulian Military Representative to the Northern Council Treaty Organisation Defence Council, Rear Admiral Svenn Berthelsen (RKN)
We thank the Chairman of the Council for opening the proceedings of our second meeting of the Defence Council. As mentioned by the Chairman, the statement in Jelbania is deteriorating and as a means of upholding our principles on peace and international security we must come together as a collective mind and discuss our role in the situation.

The Kingdom of Kazulia has deployed various assets to the region including the HKMS-Oliver Fiske signals intelligence vessel, Four (4) Z-6 "Kraken" maritime surveillance aircraft. Apart from these assets we have lobbied for NORDIC (the Northern Defence Integrated Command) to move the GAMS-2 satellite from its previous position to be positioned over Jelbania. We have deployed our own Lister NBG-596 satellite for earth observation. The situation has been already outlined by the Chairman and the briefing given to each member. The reckless actions of the Majatran powers cannot continue. In the Security Council we have tried to herald a peace process however this had been derailed through Vanukean filibustering. Vanuku has deployed its fleet to the Majatran sea and another fleet to the Anantonese sea, however the fleet being deployed to the Anantonese will be monitored by maritime surveillance aircraft and the same applies for the fleets being deployed in Majatra through the efforts of the HKMS-Oliver Fiske.

The situation in Majatra is deteriorating as no one in the region, even the "democracy peddling" Istalian Republic intends on remaining impartial as it is assumed Romula does not intend on ruining relations with Wiel by lambasting Vanuku and Deltaria's reckless actions which has fanned the situation. Since a World Congress intervention force cannot be assembled to herald peace, the Northern Council must take up the mantle. Thus, we propose the formation of a multinational task force which will sail to Jelbania and implement the measures outlined by failed Resolutions 61, 62 and 63 of the World Congress since Vanukean filibustering cannot influence in the decisions of the Northern Council. We call upon the various representatives to discuss the formation of this multinational task force and discuss how must this task force be formed, oriented and executed.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2018 5:05 pm
by RIS
Hutorian Defense Minister, General Gregory Windsor (Ret.)

We propose deploying a NCTO Task Force to the area immediately and forcing peace negotiations if necessary. A speak softly and carry a big stick style of approach. We propose that Hutori and Kazulia jointly lead the mission.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2018 5:33 pm
by Luis1p
Lourennais Armed Forces Representative to Northern Council Defense Council, Commandant Louis Verignon (CNL)

Chères amies,

We, as well, thank the Hutorian Representatives for opening the meeting of the Defence Council. The Lourennais military is well aware of the situation in Jelbania. We fear that this conflict will continue to escalate and cause more death if it is not controlled. The Northern Council Treaty calls for us to promote peace around the globe specifically the northern hemisphere. We must respond appropriately and successfully in terms of our peace keeping responsibility. Our immediate action is now crucial for stability in Majatra. We propose to quickly and swiftly assemble our combined forces for immediate Intervention.