Deltaro-Zardic Conference

Deltaro-Zardic Conference

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Deltaro-Zardic Conference Ends in Peace Aggreement
September 4406

The Deltarian Delegation led by the Deltarian Foreign Minister Alexej Kocur travelled to Beleco where they met with the Zardic Cabinet. They had a brief photo op before they went behind closed doors in which the press was not allowed to enter. After an hour and a half both parties emerged from the conference room to discuss their meeting. An agreement had been reached between the two that Zardugal would stop its strikes on the tribal areas and promise not to interfere further. Many observers had expected something more along the lines of an alliance and an encouragement of Zardic intervention. The atmosphere was also expected to be very open and friendly yet both sides looked quite tense and stressed upon entering the conference room.

At the end of the conference Deltarian Foreign Minister Alexej Kocur had this to say.

It is very important that with tensions at an all time high that a third party does not serve to set off the powder keg.Upon discussion with the Zardic cabinet, we agreed that Zardic involvement in Jelbania would only inflame tensions further and that a war on massive proportions would be catastrophic not just for the nations involved but for all of Majatra and subsequently Terra. Due to the intense nature of this negotiation we had to ask the press to stay outside of it and we are indeed satisfied that due to such measures, the meeting has been successful.

This was followed by comments from the Zardic Minister of Defence Januario Kastinido

We admit, we did not expect the negotiations to go where they did but given the nature of the situation we understand why. By striking tribal areas of Jelbania we were doing more harm than good for our interests. A war in Majatra can only mean death and destruction for the entire continent. The Deltarians indeed presented us with a new perspective on what is necessary to keep the peace. We think this conference has provided great results and we will make plans to halt our strikes on Jelbanian territory. A Majatra Wise War is not worth the risks of short term foreign policy. I think that together we can make sure it will be peace in our time.
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