Romula's Majatran Alliance Summit

Re: Romula's Majatran Alliance Summit

Postby Maxington » Thu Jun 14, 2018 5:56 pm

Kurt Eskildsen, Secretary-General of the Northern Council, leaves the Conference seeing that it has collapsed on itself and peace could clearly not be obtained. He has come to the conclusion that peace is a hard fought sentiment in Majatra, and clearly neither of the parties were actually keen on the sentiment of peace, this can be seen in how the respective delegations refused to be impartial and how quickly the delegations sought to beat the drums of war.
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Re: Romula's Majatran Alliance Summit

Postby cm9777 » Thu Jun 14, 2018 10:14 pm

Deltarian Foreign Minister Alexej Kocur’s Final Statements before leaving the Summit

Deltarian Troops Entered the Free Republic to restore order, acting in the place of the World Congress troops which we were permitted to do. We were not going to just sit there while innocent civilians were being killed. Note that Vanuku has done exactly the same thing in the North but they are not being condemned. This however matters little to the kleptocrats in the Majatran Alliance who secretly took sides before these negotiations even began. The Majatran Alliance was never about promoting peace but to further the imperialist interests of its leadership. Don’t even bother suspending us, Deltaria will leave the alliance immediately. Perhaps peace in Jelbania is still possible but it will not be achieved here. The Deltarian Delegation is departing now. This summit is as good as dead. Goodbye
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Re: Romula's Majatran Alliance Summit

Postby Axxell » Fri Jun 15, 2018 9:32 am

cm9777 wrote:Deltarian Foreign Minister Alexej Kocur’s Final Statements before leaving the Summit

Deltarian Troops Entered the Free Republic to restore order, acting in the place of the World Congress troops which we were permitted to do.

When and who in the World Congress gave you such a permission? And do not blame the Alliance, do not talk about "conspiracy" within the Alliance! Both Deltaria and Vanuku entered in Jelbania in the area controlled by your respective sponsored forces and the last attempted resolution into the WC allowed you to remain in that area. Then, Istalia asked to not infringe the FRJ. You ignored our warnings and you proceeded anyway.
We are not defending Vanuku, also Vanuku has its responsabilities, we cannot deny this, but they respected a clear request by part of Istalia and never claimed to act "in the place of World Congress". That your last action pushed us to take such measures, it is simply to understand.

About your permanence into the Alliance, it is clear that, despite your talks of peace, you wanted arrive to this point. You wanted extend your influence on Jelbania, and... why not, now Istalia propose some conspiracy ideas, maybe Deltaria wanted to damage the Alliance purposely hoping to rise as new power of Majatra trying to make fall the Alliance. And why not, maybe Deltaria is not working alone to try to make fall the Alliance. Despite our veto on the occupation and attack of the FRJ, you proceeded anyway, without concerns about condemnations, sanctions, etc... why? This is not a behavior wich we can call "intelligent" or "logic". It seems you pushed to arrives to this situation!

Well... be sure that Istalia will do anything to defend the Alliance and its integrity! And be sure that already we started to work to contact ALL the members and show your distruptive behavior! We will not give satisfation to those that are working to undermine the Alliance! NEVER!
And due to the fact that a war seems very close, Istalia will ask that no third military forces will intervene and will continue to patrol the area. At least we want try to contain the conflict into Jelbania and we will try to avoid further involvements.
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