Northern Council - General Council

Northern Council - General Council

Postby Maxington » Fri Jul 06, 2018 3:13 am

The Northern Council General Council is one of the various organs of the Northern Council Treaty Organisation (NOCTO), and is widely considered as the main deliberative, policy-making organ of the organisation, comprising of mainly the Heads of Government (HoGs) of the various nations of the Northern Council Treaty Organisation.
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Re: Northern Council - General Council

Postby Maxington » Fri Jul 06, 2018 3:27 am

Secretary-General of the Northern Council Treaty Organisation, Kurt Ekildsen.
The Heads of the Government of the various nations that make up the Northern Council Treaty Organisation will meet in our headquarters in Bekenial, Hutori. There are two major items on the agenda for the conference: the combined response to the situations in Majatra and a measured response to the situation developing in central/southern Dovani. As it stands the alliance is making progress on both issues as we have been re-positioning assets to the affected regions and monitoring the developments of the situations. Through this conference we intend on adopting an enhanced action plan to move forward with the aforementioned situations.

Our largest deployment of combined forces was launched in Majatra in a direct response to the Vanukean Government's use of a nuclear weapon in the conflict in Jelbania. During this conference we intend on assessing our initial response to the event and will take the necessary action to ensure that the threatened second strike does not occur. The situation in central/southern Dovani is becoming increasingly unstable, as in the absence of Kazulia, the Xsampan-Hanzen-Medinese Empire has expanded its territorial reach to Utembo, Ntoto, New Alduria, Temania and many other nations. In this conference we intend on forming a united and measured response to the situation.
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Re: Northern Council - General Council

Postby General.M » Fri Jul 06, 2018 11:16 am

High Chancellor of the Confederation Szalai Barna
We thank the Secretary-General for organising this important meeting. The issues of Vanuku and Dovanu are both equally important issues, however the Vanuku nuclear threats are a bit more urgent, seeing that the war could easily escalate into a full nuclear war.

Since Vanuku has threatened to continue with nuclear strikes when Deltaria would continue to resist, and Deltaria hasn't surrendered but increased its war effort, the risk of more disasters is big. Although Vanuku wouldn't be smart to continue nuclear strikes after this massive international backslash, it wasn't smart in the first place to use nuclear weapons. We can't trust the Vanukean government to act responsible and therefore we need to take active preparations. The sending of the Kazulian/Hutorian/Luthorian NC fleet is one such preparation. With the combined power of those ships, the specialised air defence destroyers might be able to destroy the possible incoming missiles. While we have no reason to doubt that the fleet will be able to do that, we are willing to send our own air defence ships if they are required for the mission.

But the Vanukean have also threatened the fleet if they enter the national Waters of Vanuku, Jelbania or Deltaria. Will the fleet be able to execute it's task if they are not in these waters?

Then I will now discuss Dovani. First, the Medina and Xsampa empires will not stop. No, they will still try to grow and take over more countries. It is our task to stop that. The countries now in danger to fall for 'colonial nationalism', be it military or diplomacy wise, are probably Bianjie, Noumonde or New Alduria. How should we stop that? First we need to stabilise these fragile democracies, to ensure that the colonial nationalism' will not change these countries in the authoritarian regime which dominates the empires. Other than that we need to ensure the national sovereignty of these countries so that the empires won't try to expand in these countries.

The other countries are in less danger. Dalibor's independence will probably be guaranteed by Indrala. The second and first world countries in Dovani are safe because of their strength and many alliances. Vanakalam is too unstable to support an invasion into Kalkalistan. That is why we need to focus on Noumonde, New Alduria and Bianjie.
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Re: Northern Council - General Council

Postby RIS » Fri Jul 06, 2018 3:51 pm

John Greer, Hutorian Foreign Affairs Minister

Vanuku is obviously the main concern at the moment. They threaten to engage our fleets which are merely on their way to perform peace keeping actions, they threaten to take nuclear action against us and they're blocking humanitarian aid from other sources as well. They're a belligerent and destructive force in terra with little to no regards to their fellow man. We recommend that our task force continues on it's present course. We must help the Jelbic people, not only are they under threat from the nuclear fallout but from a volcanic eruption as well. These people need humanitarian aid and if the entire Vanukean navy has to be obliterated to do so than so be it. Furthermore, if a single nuclear weapon is used against any of our allies in the Northern Council we are prepared to wipe Vanuku from the face of Terra. If they take nuclear action against us Hutorian Global Strike Command stands ready to ensure that Vanuku will never take any further actions against us or the Jelbic people.

It is our belief that operations in Dovani be suspended for the time being so that we do not unnecessarily divide our forces. We think we should be ready to bring everything we have to bear against Vanuku in the event that the situation escalates.
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Re: Northern Council - General Council

Postby Luis1p » Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:12 pm

Philippe Orléans, Lourennais Minister of Foreign Affairs

Greetings my friends,

As we have seen the past weeks, there are multiple areas that around the world that require our attention and intervention. First Vanuku. It is imperative that the Northern Council acts quickly to ensure that Vanuku does not launch any more nuclear attacks on anyone. The Lourennais Armed Forces are ready for any type of intervention that the council decides on. It is crucial that we act in order to help all of the people affected by Vanuku and their actions. If Vanuku provokes or attacks any Northern Council Troop, we should be ready for war with Vanuku.

In terms of Dovani, I am sure Lourenne has made it clear. If Canrillaise influenced nations in Dovani are attacked, Lourenne will respond. Whether it is with or without support from our Northern Council allies, Lourenne will respond regardless. National colonization in Dovani must end. No other countries should fall to the imperialist country of Medina or Xsampa/Hanzen. Lourenne will ensure that Noumonde and New Alduria will not fall to imperialism. Nor will we allow Vanuku to continue to wage inhumane actions in Majatra. I believe this is our time that the world needs us most. Our goal is to maintain peace in the North and the rest of the world. Let us continue doing that now. Whether it be through Diplomacy or war.
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Re: Northern Council - General Council

Postby Maxington » Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:20 pm

Thore Roen, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Federal Republic of Kazulia.

Due to the fact that the situation in Majatra is unfolding, we'd rather not comment on matters pertaining to that. However, the Kazulian Government is preparing a contingency plan for an intervention into the situation in Central Dovani, which we intend on bringing forward to the members of the Defence Council soon. As it stands we ask nations to maintain their current standing until the contingency plan has been outlined to the Defence Council.
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Re: Northern Council - General Council

Postby thefalloutfan101 » Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:57 pm

Igor Pilarczyk, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Valruzia.

Mr. Secretary General, Members of the Council,

While congratulating that our membership has finally been achieved within the Northern Council, we nonetheless will get to work. In the next few years we will work on rebuilding the Valruzian navy as well as strengthening the armed forces, for whatever threats our nation, as well as the Northern Council, might face. As for the current crises, we shall negotiate terms for volunteers to be dispatched to various member states that will be active in these operations. In regards to retaliatory action on the Kingdom of Vanuku, the Valruzian Armed Forces will be ready for anything. We will perhaps present some moderate military reforms before our legislature to reflect this.

We also stand in solidarity with Lourenne's delegation on mediating the current crisis in Dovani by any means necessary. Now that Valruzia, a significant power in Seleya and one of the most influential members of the Seleyan Union is in the Northern Council, we shall do anything to defend peace and the stability of democracies across the globe, whatever the cost may be, even if we are on our own.
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Re: Northern Council - General Council

Postby Yolo04 » Sat Jul 07, 2018 12:09 pm

Fabianus Hyginos Sends a Message from his Jet on his way to Belkenial:
I am in full support of military intervention in Dovani to create international peace however Keymon will not be able to supply weapons or men. However we would be happy to lend out our patrol ships to scout enemy crafts. And I would also be happy to lend out any aeronautical vehicle to assist in the taking down of the Dovani regimes that have formed in the lack of kazulian presence. I propose however that instead of leaving again and possibly allowing these nations to fall to dictatorial government,we should consider making these empires join our respective organizations or empires. This would guarantee our influence in the region and guarantee that no more oppressive governments rise up.
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Re: Northern Council - General Council

Postby RedReaper » Sat Jul 07, 2018 9:03 pm

Thore Roen, Kazulian Minister of Foreign Affairs
I would like to draw to the Council's attention the recent statements by Ostland which indicate their wish for stronger Northern Council ties. The following statement made by Ostland State Secretary Leiber, indicates their intention for wider relations with us. I also wish to remind the council that the relationship between Ostland and Hulstria and Gao-Soto has become tense over the past few years and that our response to Ostland's statement may be seen as either endorsement or condemnation. I hope that this is of use.
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Re: Northern Council - General Council

Postby Martinulus » Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:42 am

Hupold Michels, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hulstria and Gao-Soto

The Crownlands's position on a future membership of Ostland should be self-evident. Hulstria and Gao-Soto have condemned, with almost universal support from our neighbours on Dovani's northwestern coast, the policies of the Ostlander government. While we realise that the defence of human rights is not included in the treaty, we would like to believe from the various missions the alliance has recently undertaken that such support is inferred. The strengthening of ties with a government which is pursuing policies that remind us of the policies pursued by the Hulstrian National Party under the apartheid regime and which has a history of denying rights to the Kunihito majority would run counter to that. We would therefore strongly urge our fellow Northern Council members to join us in using all diplomatic means to end this situation and ensure equal rights for Kunihito in the entire nation. It should be self-evident, then, that we oppose any ties with Ostland until this has been realised.
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