Lourenne-Kalistan Peace Conference

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Postby Doc » Wed Aug 15, 2018 4:38 am

Julie Westin, Finance Minister of Kalistan


Please forgive our distraction. I believe this will have to be all for now. We have suddenly found ourselves in a much different position than we were in when we began these talks. The President and Interim Premier have instructed me to ensure you that we are committed to signing a peace accord between Lourenne and Kalistan, and encourage your Government to draft it so we may sign onto it. Nothing going on outside of these walls will prevent that. We thank you for making the trip to Kalistan, and we will stand by to hear about the progress of the draft, so we can make comment on it before it goes to ratification.

We will ensure that you arrive at the airport safely whenever you should choose to return. You are welcomed of course to stay as long as you like or need, but unfortunately, only Comrade Talliaferro is not requested at the National Assembly. Surely you will accept our apologies, but we may not stay as we are scurrying to try to stave off a full scale economic collapse at the current moment following the death of our Premier.

Please accept my sincerest regrets. We look forward to hearing from you upon disembarkation in Lourenne. Our greetings to your queen.
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