Artanian Economic Summit (Haldor, September, 4504)

Artanian Economic Summit (Haldor, September, 4504)

Postby Auditorii » Sun Dec 23, 2018 6:15 pm

Artanian Economic Summit
City of Haldor, Province of Kordusia, Kingdom of Dorvik

The Artanian Economic Summit, which has been held every decade barring any unforeseen circumstances, brings together dozens of Artanian economies and attempts to set a course for Artanian prosperity for the next decade. This summit was called by the Kingdom of Dorvik to discuss the building of a regional economic zone, called the Artanian Economic Zone and the establishment of a commission to provide oversight and leadership to the AEZ. The summit will be held from September 5th, 4504 to September 10th, 4504 and will be based out of Dorvik's capital Haldor. Those arriving for the summit will be routed through Rohr-Mauss International Airport (commonly known as Petrov International Airport) and will be escorted by the Dorvish Police, State Security Main Office and elements of the Leadership Escort Command to the Staatsplatz, where the meeting will commence in the State Chancellery building.

Dorvish delegation
1. State Chancellor Karl Ludwig von Lÿndow-Sennhein
2. Former President Volker Regismund von Rohr-Mauss
3. Foreign Minister Matthias Horst von Bahr
4. Minister of Finance Claus von und zu Gießen
5. Minister of Trade and Industry (also serving as acting General-Director of the Foreign Economic Council) Thaddäus Florian von Desidier
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Re: Artanian Economic Summit (Haldor, September, 4504)

Postby Yolo04 » Sun Dec 23, 2018 9:28 pm

Keymon will be ecstatic to be apart of this Artanian Economic Zone

Below is our delegatuon

Keymon delegation
1. President Antioga Itria
2.Minister of Environment and Tourism Petrina Metaxa
3. Foreign Minister Agathe Tripi
4. Minister of Finance Demos Kostas
5. Minister of Trade and Industry Nike Raptis
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Re: Artanian Economic Summit (Haldor, September, 4504)

Postby Maxington » Wed Dec 26, 2018 12:52 pm

Having reignited passion for regional integration into Artania amidst global tension as a result of populism and ultra-nationalism, the Holy Luthori Empire, heralds the sentiment of economic cooperation in a divided region. The Artanian Economic Summit, on the backdrop of the years of the populism and isolationism in the region, stands as the driving force the eventual regional integration.

Luthorian Delegation
1. Former Imperial Chancellor, Grace Hammerfield
2. Foreign Minister, Adrian Walker
3. Director of the Luthorian Development Bank, Jason Holland
4. Chairman of the Economic Development Committee, Bianca Campbell
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