Vanuku visit to Istalia MUN-MA Summit

Vanuku visit to Istalia MUN-MA Summit

Postby 13ShinyTie » Fri Aug 31, 2018 8:15 am

After months of planning and pre-summit dialogue, the Vanukean Prefect has finally arrived to meet in Romula the Istalian Prime Minister Cecilio Barzetti, accompanied by his Minister of Istalexit Francesca Vespa-Baldassare and Foreign Minister Giannino de Felice.

Prime Minister Cecilio Barzetti:
Honorable Prefect,
It is an honour to be able to host this summit which is undoubtebly crucial for not only our two great nations, but essentially for the whole of the Majatran continent and I am pretty sure, that even the whole of Terra is watching. In the last four years, tensions due to the Istalexit have been rising, and some nations have been very vocal hence they might join us during the talks. Also during the last four years, the Istalian people have made very clear that our future is outside of the MUN, and we as their elected representatives will oblige. But, our future can not possibly be outside of Majatra! It is not possible geographically, nor politically as throughout the years of the Majatran Alliance, and consequently MUN, our paths have been forever intertwined. This whole preamble brings us here today, as we want to leave the MUN, but not Majatra.

Not only do we value our bilateral relations, which in the past have been rough but after years of dialogue and catalysed by a common enemy, they have improved and ensured prolonged stability and prosperity in Majatra, but we also value the relations established by the Majatran Alliance and as both our nations are still members, it is important that we combine its efforts with those of the MUN, so when finally Istalia leaves, we can resume without all that great of a difference.
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Re: Vanuku visit to Istalia MUN-MA Summit

Postby Sisyphus » Fri Aug 31, 2018 10:33 am

Prefect of Vanuku, Dr Ershébef Juhnsme Trmékez:

Prime Minister Barzetti,

I thank you for the warm welcome to your country and your beautiful capital, Romula. It is my first visit during my tenure as Prefect and long overdue.

Firstly, I would like to echo your comments by saying the relationship between Vanuku and Istalia is of paramount importance. Whatever else comes out of these talks I hope that our relationship continues to flourish and that we can continue to work together both for the economic prosperity and the security and stability of Majatra.

Furthermore, I have to say that I am here in my capacity as the head of government of Vanuku, I do not represent the MUN per se but I do represent a concerned member state of the MUN who wishes to ensure that all nations, both in and out of the organisation, are not affected financially or otherwise by Istalia's decision to leave. I was my country's Finance Minister during the last financial crisis to hit Majatra which, as we are all aware, began in this very city. I certainly do not want to see a repeat of that situation; nor does anyone else.

Prime Minister, to help with my understanding of the situation I would like to go over a little history regarding the MUN and then work out what has gone wrong from Istalia's point of view - and, why now, the MA seems the better choice.

Vanuku, like Istalia, entered into the MUN project following the Jelbanian conflict. This was a dark period for my country and for this continent as a whole. As part of the fallout the Istalian government of the time said that the MA had failed the continent and that, subsequently, it was time for a new organisation to take precedent. Subsequently both our nations joined the MUN and became the two biggest funders of that organisation. We both remained members of the MA but spoke of our clear conviction to fuse the two together when the time was right.

However, somewhere over the last two decades, Istalians have decided that the MUN is not for them and despite the previous comments about the MA now look set to throw their weight behind that body again.

So, my first question to the you Mr Barzetti is what has changed? What has changed within this timeframe to make Istalia complete what is a dramatic u-turn. The MUN General Assembly? The Common Security force? The potential trial of common currency?

Secondly, I ask what makes the MA a preferable option? What does the MA have that the MUN does not?

If you can answer these questions fully I will be in a better position to understand the Istalian perspective, which will help us move forward with a solution and exit strategy.
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Re: Vanuku visit to Istalia MUN-MA Summit

Postby Aquinas » Fri Aug 31, 2018 11:12 am

July 4447

Malgy protesters plead for land reform cash


A group of about 50 protesters, most of them Malgy (OOC: Madagascans) from Noumonde who are in Istalia on temporary work visas, have gathered outside the conference centre where the high-profile Istalia-Vanuku summit is taking place. They are hoping for an opportunity to lobby the leaders of the two nations to donate generously to the International Noumonde Fund for Land Redistribution.

Faniry Rabenandrasana

One of the leaders of the group, Faniry Rabenandrasana, told journalists:

I am making a life for myself as a small-time restaurateur, serving up the delights of Malgy and Canrillaise (OOC: French) food to the very good people of Romula. I love this city and I love the Istalians - they are the nicest people I know in the world. But I do not want to stay here all my life - even if I were able to do that. In a few years, after I have saved some money for my family, I want to go back to Noumonde. We want to go back to our country and our family. But what kind of Noumonde will we be going back to? I don't want my son to grow up in a society where the colour of your skin means you are a second-class citizen.

This is why land reform in Noumonde is so important. The poorer people, the people who have nothing, the great mass of the Malgy, need to be given their fair share of the land. Right now the Carnillaise have everything and it has been like that for centuries.

Istalia and Vanuku are amongst the richest and most powerful countries in Terra. That is why I am asking them to take a moral lead on this, which means contributing to our land reform program, and putting pressure on the Noumon government to improve life for the vast majority of the citizens. I am hoping the leaders here will come and talk to us, but I don't know whether they will. They're ensconced behind all these security walls and rows and rows of security officers. There are even people from the army hanging around here, I don't know why. These leaders seem so distant, but we are hoping they will see us out of the windows up there and come down and talk to us.
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