Mengistu Haile Beeman visits the Holy Luthori Empire

Re: Mengistu Haile Beeman visits the Holy Luthori Empire

Postby beeman » Wed Jun 02, 2010 9:29 am

This was a highly delicate issue. The nation, let alone his comrades, would never accept an imperial base on Gaduridos soil let alone Vintalli... had Lord Carheim forgot the years of oppression monarchy brought to Gaduridos? Even the brutality of the caretakers left after the monarchy left meant people with dark skin were enslaved.

The Chairman of the corporate militarist republic swallowed hard before speaking.

"Lord Carheim, perhaps something like that can be arranged. We can establish a seaport in the name of the Luthori Merchant Marines. Since you are providing security for our transports, it would only make sense. As long as we frame this issue as one of transport security as opposed to an imperial military base, I think it will be well. Who is to deny the Luthori Merchant Marines from allowed Luthori Naval Ships to land? It would be like a Gaduridos Army General refusing to fly on a Gaduridos Air Force plane," the executive chuckled.

Behind the smile though, Beeman was worried that the crown would accept nothing less than a full fledged military presence.
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