Official Visit of Diktátor Apellas to Deltaria

Official Visit of Diktátor Apellas to Deltaria

Postby justinviens14 » Fri Nov 19, 2010 7:12 am

President Delsaki is proud to host the Supreme Leader of the Nation, Head of the Kalopian Forces, Ruler of the Gay Kalopianism Wave Diktátor Apellas for these 1st Round of Trade talks. We thank the Supreme leader for his time and hope that this is the beginning of a productive anf fruitful relationship between our two nations. We hope that these talks can help boost both of our nations economies and commercial enterprises. Fair trade between our two nations is essential to promoting the welfare of our citizens.

These are some of the points that we will currently agree to:

1. Deltaria will agree to lower tarriffs on Agricultural goods and services to 2%. In exchange, Kalopia will agree to lower their tarriffs on Deltarian Iron, Coal, Copper, Tin and Bauxite to 2%.

2. Deltaria will sign an agreement with the Kalopian National Shipping Company to export goods from the three busiest ports in Northern Deltaria: Issan, Tramolon and Gishesko, at a 17% discount from the normal rate.

3. Deltaria will agree to co-operate in building a joint-commercial venture focusing on the production of medium to light manufacturing. Deltaria will agree to provide 65% of funding for the project, and 40% of the construction. However once the Venture has been completed, an equal number of citizens from both nations shall be involved in it's management. We would reconmmend that this be built on the Deltarian side of the border. We also agree to split the profits equally among the nations.

4. Deltaria agrees to extend Visa's for citizens from Kalopia to visit and work in Deltaria for 1 year with an oppurtunity to extend every year, in exchange for the same agreement from Kalopia.

Please feel free to discuss any other issues your nation has.

President of the Republic of Deltaria,
Santiago Delsaki
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Re: Official Visit of Diktátor Apellas to Deltaria

Postby GreekIdiot » Fri Nov 19, 2010 1:23 pm

After his arrival in Deltaria, Mr. Apellas was quick and swift to the point.
"I do apologize for the hastiness, but there are major matters at hand that my government must address immediately. Let me elaborate on each and every one of the discussed points.

Agreed on the tariff percentage reform to 2% from our side as well, in order to import Iron, Coal, Copper, Tin and Bauxite from Deltaria in exchange for exporting agricultural products of all sorts to Deltaria with the exact 2% percentage imposed on our exports. We believe this to be the beginning of fruitful business between the two nations and are more than willing to incorporate more deals through the passage of time.

On the second point, we propose the ratification of this document by Deltaria, in order to finalize the treaty. The Deltarian - Kalopian Business Agreement represents one of the finest deals made through a long time in Majatra.

Kalopia is willing to continue discussion on point three, as we are quite uncertain about the nature of such a project.

Lastly, Kalopia agreed to point 4 and proposes that Deltaria negotiates the ratification of a Kalopian Alliance Accord, with which ratifying nations can enjoy full border, unlimited citizen access (with the permanent thesis negotiated by the foreign ministry, but that is up to every citizen) within Kalopia in exchange for the same measure from the ratified nation for as long as the ratified treaty remains valid for Kalopia at first, and for the ratified nations at second."

Diktátor Apellas
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Re: Official Visit of Diktátor Apellas to Deltaria

Postby justinviens14 » Mon Nov 22, 2010 5:24 am

We are greatful for your agreement and generosity in our recent negotiations. Our Foreign Ministry will begin drafting a New Treaty between our two nations immediatly, and we will send it to you post-haste. We will leave out the issue of a joint commercial venture. We were hoping to build a facility capable of taking Deltarian raw materials and processing them into finished products to be sent abroad. The enormity of this however is currently beyond our economic means, so we were hoping to share the costs and benefits with another neighbor. We would of course split these profits accordingly. This however will be an issue which may have to wait until our next meeting.

We thank you for your time,

President Santiago Delsaki
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