Official Visit of the Former Monarch of Klavia to Vorona

Official Visit of the Former Monarch of Klavia to Vorona

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" Today is a big day for all of us" said Marcus Tiberius I of Klavia while over 500.000 get in Vorona to see him. " Together with our brothers and sisters from Vorona, we are going to build a place where the monarchy will be the only legitimate form of government".
All of the people who participated expressed their support for the leader of the country who received the Grand Duke of Iassus Andrej I while he was in exile. " I remeber very well that days." Said the Grand Duke. " My only support was Klavia Okeano and I wish to thank them".
Marcus Tiberius I showed his respect to Vorona and congratulated the bills which were passed. " I like the idea of a public oath. It responsibilize all the public functionaries."
Also, the King said that "Vorona is a model democracy for us" while he showed us what is happening in his country. " In my country, the opposition is called lousy and oversensitive and the monarchy is called sick and silly."
After the speeches the two monarchs joined the people in a Ceremonial visit to the National Cathedral in Iassus and after that they took part in a military parade, after the spectacol Don Andrez which was played for the first time in our country and describes the period in which the Grand Duke stayed in Klavia.
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