Official State Visit of Jakanian President in Istalia

Official State Visit of Jakanian President in Istalia

Postby Antani Sfini » Mon Feb 06, 2017 9:59 pm

Honorable Delegation,

on behalf of the President of the Government Molugno and we welcome you in our country. We are pleased to welcome you and to forge an ever stronger friendship and cooperation with you.

The first point that we would like to address is the following: sign a treaty of friendship and official collaboration between our two countries. The track that we propose is the following:

"For the purposes of this treaty, Repubblica Istaliana will hereby be referred to as Istalia and the Büyük Cakan Cumhuriyeti will be referred to as Jakania.

Article I - Istalia and Jakania will recognise each other as fully sovereign and independent nations and will mutually respect institutional and legislative changes. Neither nation shall be allowed by this treaty to attack the other.

Article II - Recognising that this treaty is based on a common vision of purpose and ideals, it remains the right of each nation to unilaterally withdraw from the treaty should ideological incompatibility arise between the two nations.

Article III - Both nations will increase trade with one another, opening the doors of trade to goods, services and investments through mutual free trade. To that end, both nations will work together to remove protectionist trade barriers and promote trade, investment and tourism. Both governments will work to promote and improve industrial and technological cooperation, while disputes will be reviewed and handled jointly.

Article IV - Both nations will allow free travel of each other's citizens, with the exception of cursory security checks, which are determined by each nation's government.

Article V - In matters of extradition, all requests for extraditions of people who are citizens of the other nation shall be honoured. In cases of extradition requests for citizens of the respective nation, a joint committee consisting of three jurors from each nation will be formed to examine such petitions. Both nations reserve the right to oppose the extradition in the case that the other nation will impose the death penalty or inhumane treatment of the subject individual.

Article VI - In matters of non-working travel, stays lasting shorter than 90 days do not require a visa from the other nation where applicable. In matters of working travel, both nations will apply special treatment and status to the working travelers of the other nation in order to facilitate the integration and economic and cultural exchanges between the two nations.

Article VII - Both nations agree to respect each other's culture, politics and history. In addition to this, both agree to cultural integration through the encouragement of mutual respect for one another and the exchanging of cultures.

Article VIII - Both nations shall construct embassies in the other nation at the convenience of that nation’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The embassy shall be held under the rules and protocols of the nation in which it is is built. Both nations shall agree to deploy diplomatic staff to operate their embassy and to financially support these staff on foreign soil. In addition to this, each nation is allowed to deploy a maximum of 100 soldiers in defense of their embassy."

Look for your feedback about.
Waiting for this I wish you a good stay in Istalia.

Domenico Molugno
President of Repubblica Istaliana
Antani Sfini
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Re: Official State Visit of Jakanian President in Istalia

Postby fernando toure » Sun Feb 12, 2017 4:45 pm

The jakanian government accept this, and we're looking forward to better relations
fernando toure
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