Delegation from Dranland visiting Narikaton

Delegation from Dranland visiting Narikaton

Postby Mbites » Fri Mar 17, 2017 1:24 pm

Reichskanzler Gerwald von Thaller welcomes the Dranish Delegation in Narikaton and is happy to establish a link between the people of the two countries.
Of course, our goal of this meeting is the dranish ratification of the Narikaton Cooperation pact!
Gerwald von Thaller

The treaty the Reichskanzler is referring to includes the following articles:

Clause I: All nations must agree to maintain and preserve good relations between and a international friendship.

Clause II: The nations shall not commit economic, millitary or diplomatic sanctions against eachother as long as this treaty stands.

Clause III: The nations shall not engage in economic, millitary or diplomatic conflict.

Clause IIII: The nations shall agree to collaborate and cooperate millitarily.
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