Istalian Delegation Visits Saridan

Istalian Delegation Visits Saridan

Postby theoriginaltrotka » Fri Jun 02, 2017 12:03 pm

May 4220

Having scheduled a formal visit by Istalian delegates to the Republic of Saridan, the Staatspresident's Office was busy ensuring all security and vthe agenda were in order for the momentous occassion. Istalian colored bunting along with Saridan colored bunting festooned the Herehuis van die Staatspresident (Manor of the Staatspresident), the official residence of the residence of Gijsbert Oosthuizen, Saridan's Head of State, but the melange of colors had crept throughout the city and government buildings. The Grootsaal van die Volksraad (Grand Hall of the Volksraad), the home of the country's legislature, most ministry buildings, and many churches and stores also bloomed a flowery sea of red, white and green tricolour with competing displays of even brighter and proudly displayed orange, green, blue, and white, which proudly displayed the colors representing Saridan's history of the trek, its religious roots, its fertile, green lands, and a commitment to virtue. Normally, a visit by a head of state would not warrant such gaudy fanfare, but Saridan's reconciliation with its former enemies, Istalia, who in apartheid days held savage regimes to account, was important. Not only was it the first time the Saridan government had welcomed an Istalian delegation so willingly in over 20 years, but it was the first time any foreign leader had been seriously entertained and hosted for around 5 years.

The Itinerary was packed with a few required events, but much time was allowed to allow Presidente Marra and his delegation to see the sights and hospitality of the traditional duntrekker culture of Saridan, and its Iftgoeroon minority's rich custom:
•Day One -Reception of Delegation at Piet van Merwerzuider International Airport, outside Koeistad early in the morning (around 06:00 hours). Return to Herehuis van die Staatspresident for brunch meeting with Mark Ruttenius, Minister-President, Joost Steenkamp (Minister of Defense), Michelle van Heerden (Hoofdiplomaat:Chief Diplomat), and Frank deHui (Minister of Trade and Industry). Around 14:00 go to Katedraal van Eleyaheu die Verlosser (Cathedral of Eliyahu the Savior) for a service of goodwill and reconciliation. Free afterwards.
•Day Two - After a casual breakfast, attend Instituut vir Internasionale Betrekkinge (Institute for International Relations) Summit on Global Trade Policy and Peace (12:00), where President Marra will be guest of honor and keynote speaker. a brief lunch will be prepared. 15:00 - visit a typical Saridani coffee plantation in the countryside. 20:00 - banquet in honor of the Istalian Delegation
Staatspresident Gijsbert Oosthuizen stood on the tarmac of a specially prepared and heavily secured landing strip at PvMI Airport, with his wife, Filippa Oosthuizen-DeGroot, and his 24 year old son Gijsbert II (His Press Secretary), and his daughter Marta (18) and younger son Gert (15). His daughter was holding a large necklace of colored Ikpi beads and a bouquet of blooming orange, blue, and white flowers for with plentiful greenery for Marra's wife, and his son Gert held a velvet box, whoch held cufflinks bearing the crossed Istalian and Saridaner flags, as well as a bottle of coffee flavored snaaps (a popular Saridaner liquer) for Marra himself. A large banner overhead, attached to the side of the terminal said "Un caloroso benvenuto e benedizioni al nostro buon amico Presidente Marra". Oosthuizen was sweating in the subtropical heat, in spite of his breathable blue linen suit, and straw hat shading his head. His wife wore a patterned dress with a filmy and light shaw, and a broad brimmed straw hat. His elder son was wearing a bow tie and a dark blue suit, warmer than his father's, and a straw hat tilted upwards with the bragadocio of youth. His daughter wore a white dress with a shawl and his little son wore white shorts and a sportcoat with the arms of his school on it, he had class only an hour after the welcome party.

As President Filippe Marra stepped off his plane/helicopter, he was greeted with an old Duntrekker Hymn sung by the Koeistad Universitaat Choir. Staatspresident Oosthuizen walked up to Marra and shook his hand warmly and heartily and said "It is an honor and pleasure to host you and work together". Oosthuizen's wife introduced herself, and the children gave their gifts to Marra
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Re: Istalian Delegation Visits Saridan

Postby Axxell » Fri Jun 02, 2017 1:04 pm

Filippo Marra, President of the Istalian Republic at the Institute for International Relations:

It is a great joy and a great pleasure for me to be here in Saridan and to be able to address you.
It is in great consideration that I keep this because not only for Saridan but also for Istalia all this has a great importance and represents a historic event.
Despite the past of long contrasts and conflicts and despite the controversy arised in recent years, Istalia is extremely pleased and happy to have resumed the dialogue with Saridan in the sign of peace, respect and friendship.
And I would particularly like to commend President Oosthuizen, I hope I said it correctly, his party and the Liberal Party for their faith in democracy, their respect for human rights, their tireless efforts in combating injustice, discrimination and repression, efforts that were clearly rewarded and which allowed us to come to this historic encounter.
Istalia and Saridan are now tied with a double thread and mutually affecting our peoples, our cultures, our history.
Istalia today hosts a very large Saridanese community, over one million, Iftgoeroon and Duntrekker, the latter a community that has also given us one of the most important political leaders in the recent history of my country, former President Lorenzo Verhoeven, of whom I sadly received this morning the news of his death, and to honor his memory, I am firmly determined to tighten even more our relationships and our friendship.
Istalia can give Saridan a lot and Saridan can give a lot to Istalia! Our peoples have the right to live in peace and security but I am also convinced in friendship! They want to meet, cooperate, work together and it is our duty to make efforts to make this happen.
I want to thank you all for the wonderful welcome and I very much hope that this day is the cornerstone of a prosperous future for both of our nations in the name of friendship.
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Re: Istalian Delegation Visits Saridan

Postby theoriginaltrotka » Sat Jun 03, 2017 3:40 am

StaatsPresident Oosthuizen stood up after a round of clapping to speak:

Ladies, Gentlemen, thank you for your warm welcome to President Marra, on behalf of your fellow citizens, and President Marra, thank you for your kind words about our commitment to democracy and international relations. I promise heartily that my commitments and my governments commitments shall be ever in line with human rights, democracy, freedom of the press, distancing ourselves from apartheid, and openness to trade, international friendship, and mutually respectful and beneficial relationships. We hope that this visit will make Istalian people and firms feel at home and comfortable doing business with and learning about Saridan, her customs, and her traditions.

I am sad to here of the death of President Verhoeven, and it saddens me that President Verhoeven, due to a hostile apartheid regime, could not visit his ancestral homeland before his unfortunate passing. We will have prayers in our heads and hearts for President Verhoeven. We should celebrate his legacy by continuing to build close, amicable relations between the Republic of Istalia and Saridan, so that his grandchildren and great grandchildren may be welcome in spite of their nationality and political views in the land of part of their heritage.

I believe there are demands for Istalian consumer goods in Saridan, and I know Istalia has a strong interest in using our ports and buying and enjoying Saridani coffee, tea, and cotton. We are working together to hammer out military alliance that can defend Saridan from fascism, and allow Saridan to help participate in global efforts to quash terrorism and terror regimes
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