Official Visit of the Staatspresident of Saridan to Solentia

Official Visit of the Staatspresident of Saridan to Solentia

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Supreme President Blackwell and Foreign Minister Hamilton leaving the Palace of the Republic to greet the delegation of Staatspresident Strykom at Halion International Airport

April, 4234
Halion, Orame, SSR

Solentia rolled out the red carpet for an official visit from Staatspresident James F. Strykom of the Republiek van Seridjan. The two leaders met in April in Halion to enjoy some shooting and golf while discussing important matters between the two allied nations.

Supreme President Blackwell:
Saridan remains our closest ally and colleague and hopefully from this meeting may we work closer together for mutual progress and understanding between our two peoples.

The Supreme President brought a few important issues he felt the two countries might find of mutual interest:

- Ratification of the bilateral trade treaty between Saridan and Solentia, and exchange of business
- Joint projects on naval and nuclear weapons research
- Solentian support for the Koeistad Pact, Saridan's re-ratification, and the need to expand membership
- Joint naval exercises
- Recognition of the threat of the MRSF Communist superstate
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