Hutori's Foreign Affairs Minister visitr to Indrala

Hutori's Foreign Affairs Minister visitr to Indrala

Postby Conser » Fri Aug 18, 2017 11:25 pm

The President of Hutori, Emily Hamilton, has send her minister of Foreign Affairs, Alex Clarke to make a official visit in Indrala in a attempt to improve the relation between the two country. Minister Clarke will arrive in Indrala in November 4258, the visit will only last for two days, minister Clarke will meet with the Chancellor of Indrala, Wu Hán, and then he will visit some of the most important cultural monument of Indrala before going back to Hutori.

In a press conference, Alex Clarke has declare:

''This is a great opportunity for Hutori to improve its relation with Indrala economically, culturally and diplomatically. I am looking forward to meet with the chancellor of Indrala to see what kind of deal we can make in order to improve our relationship''
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