Official State Visit of the Indralan Delegation to Istalia

Official State Visit of the Indralan Delegation to Istalia

Postby Wu Han » Wed Aug 23, 2017 9:10 am

Official State Visit of the Indralan Delegation to Istalia; Indralan Delegation Arrives

Chancellor Wu Hán humbly accepted an invitation from the Foreign Affairs Minister Ciro Esposito of Istalia to organize an official state visit to his nation. Chancellor Wu sent as his surrogates Foreign Affairs Minister Han Yi as well as Environment and Tourism Minister Xia Huo, Trade and Industry Minister Xing Shun, a representative from the Nationalist Party (the junior member of Chancellor Wu's coalition government), and a representative of the International Organization for the Prohibition of Landmines (an organization of which Chancellor Wu chairs).

Indralan Government Aircraft Lands in Romula, Istalia

Upon arrival, Minister Han spoke to reporters:
It is a great honour to travel to Istalia today to discuss areas of mutual interest between our countries as well as advance Chancellor Wu's foreign affairs agenda in Istalia. Chancellor Wu has long advocated for a more open and internationalist presence for Indrala in the world following decades of isolationism. Today's trip is a reflection of that. We look forward to a productive conversation, and hopefully time to appreciate the beautiful sights of Istalia in the short time we are here. We would also like to thank Minister Esposito for his gracious invitation to be here today.

When asked what the meeting would be about specifically, Minister Han gave a vague answer:
Minister Esposito has highlighted a few areas of concern regarding international conflict and political developments. Chancellor Wu also has a number of objectives concerning international law and binational trade.
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Re: Official State Visit of the Indralan Delegation to Istalia

Postby Axxell » Sat Aug 26, 2017 8:30 am

The Foreign Minister of Istalia Ciro Esposito welcome the Indralan delegation hoping that these Visit will be the first path for a future cordial friendship.
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