Friedrich Pfeiffer visits the People's Republic of Badara

Friedrich Pfeiffer visits the People's Republic of Badara

Postby Phil Piratin » Fri Nov 03, 2017 11:25 am

Friedrich Pfeiffer, Deputy General Secretary of the People's Republic of Badara, has just returned from a visit to the People's Republic of Badara, where he was the guest of honour of Badara's Head of State, Usama Safar.

Safar accompanied Pfeiffer to Revolutionary Square in Dar as-Salam, where they visited the mausoleums of two famous Badaran communist leaders from the past, Abdul Amari and Jalal Al-e-Ahmad. Afterwards, they jointly unveiled a new memorial statue of Zhang Ming, the recently-assassinated communist rebel leader in Dalibor, of whom both Pfeiffer and the Badaran government were strong supporters.

Later, Pfeiffer was invited to a meeting of the National People's Congress, Badara's legislative body, where he was accorded the unusual privilege of being permitted to make a short address to the chamber. Pfeiffer praised Badara as "a beacon of hope to communists, to workers and to all oppressed peoples all over Terra", and lauded Badara's "fantastic progress", predicting Badara would "surely rise to become one of the great world powers over the next 30 years".

In the evening, Pfeiffer and Safar attended a performance of the People's Orchestra, who accompanied Pfeiffer on his visit. The performance was not of an especially high musical standard, and there were some embarrassing moments when some orchestra members were playing the wrong tunes. However, Safar stayed straight-faced all the way through, applauded appreciatively at all of the right moments and handed each orchestra member a golden medal for "Musical Excellence" at the end.

Before departing, Pfeiffer issued an invitation on behalf of Heiko Herzfeld, the communist governor of Dorvik's Kordusian province, to visit him at the Governor Mansion in Haldor. The invitation was accepted, although the visit is likely to prove controversial in Dorvik.
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