Vanukean Foreign Minister Visits Zardugal

Vanukean Foreign Minister Visits Zardugal

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Vanuku and Zardugal Look To Put Differences Behind Them
Closer Co-operation on the Table As Foreign Minister Ashur Flies to Zardugal

Mr Ashur, right, is greeted by members of the Zardic welcoming party after arriving in Venetio.

February 4416 - Vanukean Foreign Minister Rnúf Ashur has flown to Zardugal for talks aimed at bringing the two neighbouring countries closer together. Following the collapse of the long-standing Sankta Partio de Renaskigo, the Komunisma Partio de Zardugal has taken control of the country and is looking to reshape the constitution.

While the political ideologies of two governments seem miles apart, the preliminary actions of new Zardic head of state, Hosni Ahmad, seem to suggest he wants to draw a line under recent frosty relations with the Kingdom. He also quickly moved to withdraw all Zardic troops from the western tribal areas of Jelbania ending worries that Zardugal was looking to extend its influence in that fragmented nation and interfere in Vanuku's conflict with Deltaria.

Ashur flew into the capital, Venetio, where he was met by Zardic Foreign Minister Anwar Mouffaini before being whisked off for a meeting with President Ahmad.

Speaking to the press after stepping off the plane, Minister Ashur said: "The last 50 years has seen relations somewhat deteriorate with Zardugal for a number of reasons - I am here to put things right.

"President Ahmad has already demonstrated that he has a clear, positive vision for Zardugal - which includes the removal of oppression of certain ethnic minorities, such as the Mallan, and an end to the short-sighted ambition of previous governments to rebuild the Augustan Empire.

"Primarily I am here to listen to what his plans are and to see how we can enhance co-operation between our two nations. I will also be impressing upon him the importance of the Majatran Alliance, of which we are both key members, and to look at options for other joint ventures."
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