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Kalistan Visit to Lourenne, 4421

PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 3:28 am
by Doc
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The Kalistani Republic
Barajas leads delegation to Lourenne

President, new FM and ODEN chief to begin Summit with next door neighbor

Kaliburg, Ananto
September 7, 4421

President of the Republic Barajas arrives in Valois with the Kalistani Delegation.

A short hop from Kaliburg's Republican International Airport to Valois, Fédération de Canrille, Lourenne, and the long awaited summit between the two neighbors kicked off. Ana Barajas, the President of the Republic, and the Kalistani delegation arrived safely in Valois yesterday and disembarked to a warm welcome by a Lourennais Children's delegation who sang the Kalistani National Anthem, "Kalistan! Kalistan!" in Canrillaise.

The President then met with local reporters who asked her questions in Canrillaise, but knowing that neither neither Foreign Minister Abe Hashimoto or ODEN Chief Georgia Tass spoke the language, the President answered in Luthori. Barajas has been to Valois before, but the other two were newcomers, and we asked by one reporter how they liked Lourenne. Hashimoto was polite, but blunt, "We will reserve judgement until we have seen more of it." Tass, on the other hand, was thrilled. "This country speaks of romance to me: The language is beautiful, the people here, so far have been very kind, and everything I have read about Lourenne suggests that they are a country on the move. I can't wait."

The Kalistani delegation is scheduled for a sightseeing tour over the next day where they will visit Lourenne's new resorts and newly launched sparkling water production facilities. After that point, talks following the President's agenda will proceed.

We will follow the President's delegation as they visit with Lourenne's people and negotiate with their Lourennaise counterparts.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 5:05 am
by Luis1p
From Lourenne Quotidien

Kalistan Officials arrive in Lourenne for historic and important state visit

Valois Skyline (Below)

After months of planning between Kalistan and Lourenne, Madame Presidént Barajas of Kalistan, along with Foreign Minister Abe Hashimoto and ODEN Chief Georgia Tass, arrived early this morning in Valois at the Rose D'Oree International Airport. Lourennais Officials including Minister of Foreign Affairs Philippe Orléans and The Prime Minister Vivienne Bouvier waited for at the Airport for the arrival of the Kalistani Delegation. Upon arrival, the Kalistani Delegation were greeted by Ministre Orléans and Madame Bouvier. Also, the Kalistan Officials received a warm welcome by a Lourennais Children's delegation who sang the Kalistani National Anthem, "Kalistan! Kalistan!" in Canrillaise. Officials left the airport and the Kalistani Delegation was given a tour of Valois via a medium-sized tourist boat in the Rivière Valoyene. There the officals viewed the many buildings in Valois's Downtown District, as well as the many parks and recreation centers the city has along the riverfront.

Random Streets in Downtown Valois (Below)

After the river tour, Officials traveled by car to the Andiron Hotel where Kalistan and Lourenne will have their first meeting regarding ODEN in Lourenne. The Andiron Hotel is also the place where the Kalistani Delegation will rest for their first night in Lourenne. While traveling to the Hotel, the Kalistani Delegation viewed many of Valois's Busiest streets, the multiple shopping avenues, and many cultural restaurants. Ministre Orléans claimed that the Kalistani Delegation was "amazed at the city's culture, environment, and friendly people as they traveled through the streets of Valois." Upon arriving at the hotel the delegates from both countries prepared to hold the first meeting between Lourenne and Kalistan regarding ODEN at the Andiron Hotel Conference Hall, the same place where peace negotiations between Lourenne, Kazulia, and Kalistan were held.

More to come on Negotiations

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 12:39 pm
by Doc
Initial Meeting, ODEN Director Georgia Tass

Good Comrades, Madame President, Honored Foreign Minister, And staff,

First, Allow me to to say thank you for your hearty welcome. I an speak for myself and the ODEN staff and say we enjoyed the tour of your fine city, The glowing reports of the President of the Republic certainly do not do it justice.

We would get to the point. My purpose here is to explore Lourenne to see if there is any interest in holding GanJam here. The GanJam is, as you probably know, a large music and art festival. It lasts for four nights and features acts which are characteristic of the music scene of the country. The first night, in Kalistan is an international music showcase, which features acts who travel to Kalistan from other nations, and play all day. The Second night is a night that features, for lack of a better word, older acts who haven't done much in a few years but were popular at one point. Its called the Legacy Showcase. The third night features psychedelic and electronic acts, and is called L Night, because the music is conducive to using LSD. And the final night is the Headlining Night, when the best bands play and winds up with the headliner band.

While Lourenne is not a member of ODEN, because of some perhaps minor policy dispute, the important policy, the one concerning lack of restriction on drug use, would make Lourenne eligible, if you would like, to host a GanJam. The idea is that, if Lourenne would host the Jam, perhaps it would help your local bands to promote themselves and get noticed in the world. ODEN would assist in sponsorship: That would mean a source of money, first of all. ODEN is a multi-trillion Ruble organization, due to drug sales around the world, and money is no problem. It would also mean publicity abroad, and if Lourenne wishes, ODEN can supply the drugs if Lourenne cannot supply the demand.

Kalistani bands would join the Jam for the International Showcase, but otherwise, logistics being what they are, the normal lineup includes between 10 and 12 bands a day (OOC: You'd need to RP between 2 and 4 bands, the headliners for the night, and maybe a supporting band or two...). The venue is usually outdoors, and would need to accommodate between 100 and 250,000 concert goers, and include facilities associated with that size a crowd, including food (can be vendors) lodging, (mostly camping, but hotels are preferred by some) and medical and legal services available.

Lourenne would be in charge of ticket sales, but ODEN sponsorship means that tickets are sold only for the first two days, while the last two days are on ODEN. ODEN will not take any of the gate if Lourenne sponsors the concert, and we usually run ticket sales at around 125 KRB for the show. That's about 40 LOD. The margin is usually around 20 percent profit, so Lourenne can make a decent chunk of change from ticket sales, vendor and service taxes, and so forth.

But the show is about the music and the drugs.

We are interested in hearing your thoughts with regard to whether there is interest in Lourenne co-sponsoring the show, probably in 4423, with ODEN, and hosting it here in Lourenne, at a venue of your choosing. We will standby to hear your thoughts on the subject, and we thank you for your attention.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 3:12 pm
by Luis1p
Minister of Foreign Affairs Philippe Orléans, opening statement

Madame Tass,

First I'd like to say that we hope your arrival in Valois has been very smooth. I hope you have found the city comfortable and our service exemplary.

I believe there is some legislation to pass in order to be a part of ODEN n'est pas ? Of course the Libéral Party would have no problem proposing it to the Lourennais Legislation.

Once we agree to the policies to be a part of ODEN, We can of course host the GanJam in Lourenne, specifically in Valois. Valois is the only area in Lourenne that would be able to hold 250,000 people in one spot.

In accordance to accommodations, The GanJam would be held at the sports complex in the tourist district. The complex includes 3 stadiums, one large and 2 medium sized as well as 2 multi purpose indoor buildings. Total seating for all venues in Valois would be at 210,000 people. There are multiple hotels in the area that would be more than suitable for all of the people that would attend. Provision of food would not be a problem at all. So, in general, Valois would be a perfect host for the GanJam.

Of course, we are open to discuss anything else.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:26 pm
by Doc
Georgia Tass, Director of ODEN-Kalistan

We are rather surprised at the enthusiasm of our Cousins in Lourenne for ODEN membership. The only thing that prevents Lourenne from being in compliance with the Treaty is that your government has outlawed the sale of tobacco. You allow smoking, but make it impossible for people to purchase it. Yet, recreational drug use is also permitted.

Perhaps this is an oversight, and one that is easily remedied. But ODEN would be thrilled to welcome Lourenne to the Cartel, and to assist Lourenne in opening ODEN-Lourenne. Let me share with you the results of our recently completed Drug Survey. ODEN Kalistan earns, for itself, more than 2 trillion Rubles a year on drug sales under its control. It operates legally, and pays taxes on all earnings. Furthermore, it is expressly forbidden from selling to end-user consumers outside of Kalistan, so it does not operate on the Black Market. It operates outside of political control and employs tens of thousands jobs, and sponsors development and cultural programming, like the Ganjam.

If you join ODEN, Kalistan will offer your nation advice on ODEN production, as well as share techniques and materials to get Lourenne into both licit and illicit drug and pharmaceutical production. After a few years, Lourenne may accurately complete a drug survey, and meanwhile, we will work together to set the price of drug supplies across the world.

As for the GanJam, We will happily send a semi-permanent mission to work with a nacent ODEN-Lourenne to begin organizing the Gan Jam for 4423, and will begin running promotion in Kalistan next year. We look forward to the opportunity to work with this country, and help take the Jam out of Kalistan for the first time ever.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 2:42 am
by Luis1p
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Philippe Orléans

Madame Tass,

We'd love to further discuss GanJam when the event is near and when our laws havr passed. Our interest remains high.

In regards to our drug laws, I will be in communication with the Liberal Party to ensure that the necessary laws are needed to expand ODEN to Lourenne. We hope our government is cooperative when it comes to vote.