Particracy Game Rules

Particracy Game Rules

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Particracy Game Rules

Since 2004 Particracy has been a source of huge enjoyment for hundreds of players, throughout it’s existence many players have taken the role of “Moderator” in order to guarantee the smooth running of the game. The Particracy Game rules are the primary mandate for Moderation in Particracy and act as a guide for players to follow when playing the game. They are designed to ensure a fair, fun and pleasant experience for each player. Due to the changing nature of the game and its community Moderation reserve the right to make exceptions to the rules in exceptional circumstances. Additionally Moderation may propose changes to the rules at any point and will be expected to open a public consultation before doing so. Thanks, enjoy the game.
~ Fin (Moderation)


Section One: Player Conduct and Respect
Section Two: Accounts
Section Three: Language, Communication, and Culture
Section Four: Rules Concerning Game Mechanics (ie.Bills, Treaties etc.)
Section Five: Moderation Procedures (ie.inactivation, reactivation etc).
Section Six: Role Play


Player Conduct and Respect

a. All users including Moderators should be treated with respect and courtesy at all times.

b. Moderation may make a decision some users disagree with. All users are welcome to query any decision made by Moderation, however, these issues should be dealt with calmly and respectfully by both sides.

c. Users should remember that there is a difference between In-character (IC) and Out-of-character (OOC), users should make it clear in which capacity they are communicating in.

d. Moderation reserve the right to take any action they deem appropriate against users/statements promoting hatred, violence or discrimination against any group in any form.

e. Any user caught repeatedly breaking the rules may be banned temporarily or indefinitely if the infringements are considered serious enough by Moderation.

f. User privacy should always be respected, any form of doxing or other infringements of privacy is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated.

g. Any user who attempts to impersonate a Moderator or deliberately present a misleading interpretation of the game rules will be sanctioned.

h. Sharing or publishing private messages (sent via the in-game messaging service, the forums, discord or any other messaging service) is strictly forbidden at all times and will not be tolerated unless you have the explicit permission of the sender. This includes the messages of Moderators.



a. It is forbidden to run more than one active account in the game at the same time. Any player found to be running two accounts will have both inactivated.

i. As a result, it is also forbidden to log in via a proxy server or VPN network.

ii. If it is impossible for a user to avoid logging in from the same IP address as another user, the user(s) should contact Moderation and give details about the situation. Moderation may then permit the users to play from the same IP.

iii. If a user suspects other users of logging in from the same IP they should report this to Moderation using the Multiple Account Trial Thread.

b. Users should never share their passwords with any other users (including Moderation) or allow anyone else to access their account.

i. A genuine Moderator will never ask for your password.
ii. Handing over or trading your account is forbidden, accounts should only be used by the players who created them.

c. Each account should be registered with a legitimate email address. The email will not be shared but occasionally Particracy may send messages.


Language, Communication and Culture

a. Whilst hundreds of other languages are present, English is the official language of Particracy, as a result, all users should be able to communicate to a reasonable standard in English.

i. All public communications such as bill descriptions, party descriptions etc. should be written in English. Or be accompanies by a full English translation.
ii. Party names, constitutional titles and other similar variables may be in a non-English language appropriate to a nation's culture.
iii. Users should not be discriminated against due to poor English, however, Moderation should be notified when poor English has resulted in a communications break-down.

b. Swearing and bad language is not forbidden, as long as it does not become extreme or a personal attack on a certain player or group.

c. Spamming (sending the same message/creating multiple bills with similar names or variables) is forbidden both in game, on the forums and on the official Particracy Discord Server.

d. Moderation runs an official Particracy Community Discord Server. The rules surrounding discord and that server are as follows:

i. Joining the Official Community Discord Server or any other discord server is NOT compulsory and no user should feel pressured into joining. Any user found attempting to force another user into joining a discord server will be sanctioned.
ii. All users and moderators have the right to be treated with respect at all times on the server.
iii. Political discourse is welcomed however users should not be targeted or attacked for their political views.
iv. The rules of the game apply to the official Discord.

e. Using or referencing a real-life character, figure, nation, place, religion, organisation, nationality or another Real-Life variable in Particracy is strictly forbidden unless it is mentioned out-of-character.
i. This also applies to Real-Life fictional references (for example Cinderella, Narnia or Lightsabers)


Rules Concerning Game Mechanics (ie.Bills, Treaties etc.)

a. Bills should only be proposed by active parties from the nation to which the bill is being proposed. Inactive Parties may contribute to discussion/debate on bills and propose text bills (ie. containing no articles) with the consent of all other active parties in their nation.

b. Users can request the removal of certain bills from their nation’s “Bills under debate” section by posting links to the bills they wish cleared on the Bill Clearout Requests Thread. Moderation will decide whether to delete the bill outright or archive it by moving it to the voting stage.

i. Users should do their best to keep the “Bills under debate” section reasonably clean so as to avoid “mammoth” clear-out requests.
ii. Bills are eligible for clear out if they were proposed by a party which is currently inactive or the bill is more than 10 in-game years old.
iii. Active RP Law bills (see section 6) or Culture Protocols will not be cleared out. The only exception to this rules is if players have created a single bill with clear links to all RP laws etc titled "National Notice Board.”
iv. Moderation reserve the right to query or deny all bill clear-out requests

c. If a bill changing the national flag is passed, it is forbidden to try and “cheat” the system by changing the image stored at the linked URL address.

d. Treaties will be eligible for deletion if they are more than 50 in-game years old, and have no ratifications. These should be reported to Moderation on the Treaty Clearout Request Thread.

e. “Treaty-locking", or ratifying treaties that completely or nearly completely forbid any proposals to change laws, is not allowed.

f. Party Organisations may be eligible for deletion if they are over 50 in-game years old, and do not have at least 1 active member.

g. It is forbidden to “spam” call early elections, it will be considered spamming if a user calls more than 5 elections in 5 IG years.

h. It is forbidden to attempt to impose a cabinet lock, which involves transfering the power to propose a cabinet to a heriditary head of state.

Moderation Procedures (ie.inactivation, reactivation etc).

a. Users will have their party routinely inactivated if they have not logged on for 4 days

b. Moderation reserves the right to inactivate any user who is in breach of the rules and has not made the necessary corrections to their behaviour after being warned by Moderation. Or have committed a serious enough offence to merit an immediate inactivation.

c. Users can request the early inactivation of another party in their nation, using the Party Inactivation Requests Thread on the following conditions:

i. They have not logged on for 3 days (72 hours)
ii. They have not logged on for 2 days (48 hours) and have not filled out their party description, changed the name of their party or voted on more than one bill.
iii. They are “Party-Sitting,” which involves logging on occasionally but not voting on bills. A user will generally be considered party sitting if this behaviour lasts for at least 5 days.
iv. They only log in or vote on bills every 3 days without giving a reason for any behaviour, usually attempting to dodge inactivation due to the above rules.
v. Similar offence not covered by the above rules, but do not contribute to the gameplay to the satisfaction of other players. Communication must be attempted with the player before discussing with the Moderation over this.

d. An inactive user can request to be reactivated using the Reactivation Requests Thread, however they will not be reactivated if any of the following apply:

I. they have the log-in-bug;
II. are in breach of the rules;
III. they have been inactivated as either a “party-sitter”, a multi or for using proxy IP addresses three or more times total;
IV. if they have been inactivated on the grounds of rules 5.c.ii to 5.c.iii three or more times in total.
V. if they have been inactive without clear intent of being active in the past

e. Moderation controls the renaming of nations and as such reserve the right to query or deny a Nation Renaming Request. To rename a nation a user must pass a bill with a ⅔ majority of seats and send a request to Moderation via the Nation Renaming Request thread. Renamings must be in line with the Cultural Protocols of the nation in question. User should consult the Nation Renaming Guide to ensure that their changes conform to the prevailing culture of the nation.

f. A user can request leadership of a party organisation if they are the only active member. Requests should be made on the Organization Leadership Requests Thread. Moderation reserve the right to query or deny Organization Leadership requests.

g. Users can request early elections on the Early Elections Requests thread if no party in the nation they are active in has seats. Moderation reserves the right to query or deny any request.

h. Other requests can be made by either contacting Moderation directly or by posting on a relevant forum topic. Moderation reserve the right to query or deny any request.


Role Play

a. Role Play is a large part of Particracy, however it is not compulsory and as a general rule the game mechanics always “come first.”

b. If you are planning a large scale RP that will affect other users, always obtain the consent of all users involved. However it is possible to RP smaller, more personal events without the consent of others.

c. Users should always make a conscious effort to keep Roleplay realistic and reasonable.

d. Players should make an effort to keep to their word and not back out of RP which they originally consented to by RP post or otherwise.

e. It is possible to create RP laws which act as secondary rules which players are required to follow in character only, laws that require players to act or vote in a specific way are not permitted. They are laws which are only referenced in the bill description and not enforced by the game mechanics.

i.To create an RP law you must: pass it through your nation's legislature with either a simple majority of seats if it is a regular law or a ⅔ majority of seats if it is a constitutional law and reference it clearly in your nation’s “Bills under debate” section. To query a new RP law’s legality a user should post on the RP Law Query Thread. It is recommended though not required for an RP Law to be clearly labelled as such.
ii.To overturn or abolish an RP law you must pass a bill with a simple majority which explicitly mentions which law you are scrapping and provides a link to the original law. It is recommended though not required to post a link to the bill on the RP Law Dismissal Thread.
iii.An RP law generally must not severely contradict game mechanics or the game rules, or force users to act a certain way OOC. Moderation has the right to decide what fits into this definition and what does not: exceptions can be made in various scenarios, especially when the conflict is minor (please contact a Moderator for advice). Additionally they cannot ban types of parties (without considerable RP justification) or users. RP Laws must also not force users to vote in a particular way.
iv.Moderation reserves the right to declare any RP law invalid in exceptional circumstances.

f. RP between multiple nations (ie. more than one) follow the same rules as internal RP.

g. Moderation appoint one player from each continent as a Continental RP Coordinator (CRC), this individual will help coach players and get players involved with RP across the continent and world. Each CRC has the right to appoint a deputy who will fill in for them if they become indisposed.
In order to be appointed as a CRC or Deputy CRC a player should have an active account in game and on the forums.
In general, Moderation will allow the CRC full discretion regarding appointments of Deputies, however Moderation should be notified of any appointment and reserves the right to veto all appointments.

h. When working as a collective the CRCs and their Deputies will be referred to as the Global Role Play Committee.
The RP Committee will often be consulted by Moderation regarding potential changes to RP rules and will occasionally be asked to review certain aspects of Role Play in contentious situations.

i. The RP Committee welcome feedback from players across the community, so don’t be afraid to offer them some friendly feedback.

j. A character is always owned by the player who originally created them, unless publicly transferred to another player via the Character Transfer thread. A character, house or bloodline that has been unused for one hundred in-game years will be considered inactive, and players who wish to take control of them may apply to do so on the Character Transfer thread, application should include a brief plan for the character(s) as well as details of former controller etc.

i. An alternative option is to reach out on public forums to the original owner and if they are unreachable, players may add/remove/change a letter in the name of the dynasty/house/surname and proceed as if a new family have been created.

k. The Global Role Play Accord (GRA) is an opt out index of nations. Membership in the GRA allows the RP Committee to determine the nation’s economic and military characteristics. To opt-out of the GRA a nation should pass a bill with a ⅔ majority of players with seats voting in favour.

i.To opt back in a nation should pass a bill with a ⅔ majority of players with seats voting in favour.

l. The RP committee will post detailed descriptions of the nations' economic and military on the Particracy forums for those nations which fall under their purview.

m. A nation can determine its culture using Cultural Protocols. These documents describe in detail the cultural (ie. ethnic, religious, linguistic….) makeup of each nation. If a nation has a Cultural Protocol it means it is "Culturally Protected" and bound by this section of the rules, whilst others are "Culturally Open" and are not. The Cultural Protocols Index should be consulted for more information about the cultural situation of each nation.

i. To install a new Cultural Protocol or replace a current one, users should pass a bill with the support of a two-thirds majority of players with seats and then post a link to the bill on the Cultural Protocols Approval Thread. Following this Moderation will leave the submission pending for 48 hours, so that any community member with an objection can raise them, Moderation will also review in detail the proposal. Once Moderation approval has been given a player should then post a copy of the bill in the “bills under debate” section of their nation, with a link to the original bill.
ii. Moderation will deny any request that changes the % of any category by more than 15 and will request significant RP justification for any request that changes the % of any category by more than 7.
iii. To remove a current Culture Protocol users in a nation should pass a bill with the support of a two thirds majority of players with seats, clearly stating their intentions and containing no other articles, then notify Moderation in the Requests for Culturally Open Status Thread.

n. The Third World nations/former colonial territories in Particracy are under the control of Moderation. Moderation will grant players permission to control a Third World nation within certain boundaries of discretion, Moderation and the RP Committee will determine where these boundaries lie.

o. Players interested in applying for control of a Third World nation should post to the Third World Control Requests Thread. Moderation reserve the right to query and deny any and all applications, as well as assigning control of the application process to other individuals (the RP Committee) The application should include:
i. name of Third World nation applying for;
ii. brief synopsis of what the interested player intends to do with the Third World nation (general idea, direction).

p. More information on the Third World nations can be found on this page.

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