Holte's Grand Tour of Dovani Part 1 - Dranian Federation

Holte's Grand Tour of Dovani Part 1 - Dranian Federation

Postby Gus94edgar » Mon Oct 08, 2018 11:11 am

Holte heads North
15th July 4466

Holte and family at the airport early this morning

Following on from his official appointment as Special Emissary of the Kingdom of Kazulmark, former Prime Minister Aksel Holte today heads north for the first stop of his Dovani tour as he begins the process of bringing Kazulmark's neighbours together around the goal of a truly pan-Dovani organisation. It was an astonishing act of bi-partisanship that saw Prime Minister Knivedalen officially allow his predecessor to continue his work in getting this project underway, and today - after a lot of backroom negotiations across diplomatic wires - Holte finally gets the ball rolling.

Holte will be accompanied by a small team from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as his family and a few key business leaders - most notably Karl Bortnem himself. Exactly how broad the powers and responsibilities that have given to Holte as not exactly clear, though it is certainly assumed that they are not to the same extent as the Foreign Minister. This is reflected in Holte's assurance that a full report to the Foreign Affairs Committee will be given by himself following this tour in order to take stock and develop a plan to proceed thereafter.

While waiting to board the government jet taking the small delegation north, Holte was able to give a brief statement to the press.

... I am excited to finally get this project going, it's naturally been a long time in the making, and I can again only thank the Prime Minister for the honour of allowing me to be the one to do it. I can only hope to be a good ambassador for our country, and look forward to finally meeting my counterparts in Drania.
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Re: Holte's Grand Tour of Dovani Part 1 - Dranian Federation

Postby Zongxian » Mon Oct 08, 2018 4:09 pm

Dankuk Greets Kazulian Special Emissary
15th July 4466


The Dranian Federation welcomes the visit of Aksel Holte, Special Emissary of the Kingdom of Kazulia. As Dankuk seeks to establish a more prominent role in pan-Dovani initiatives, this visit is one among many events on schedule for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This particular visit is of special importance due to the status of Kazulia as Dankuk's sole Dovanian neighbor and the history of hostilities between the two nations within the past century.

As the Dranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs meets with Mr. Holte's team, discussions are expected to focus on economic cooperation and international collaboration on infrastructure projects, such as a pan-Dovani highway. The Foreign Ministry has also released a statement that they are in the early stages of planning an official state visit to Kazulia, led by Federal Chairman Sun Seohyun.

Meetings with the Kazulian Special Emissary and his team will take place at Muhandae World Tower in Seongtaek, attended by Foreign Minister Nicolas Yulin, Transport Minister Marco Gyeo, Trade Minister Valentin Trujillo, and associated ministry representatives and aides. The Kazulian team has also been invited to attend dinner at the Premier House with Premier Hana Pastora de Santiago.
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