Alorian President Visit to Luthori

Alorian President Visit to Luthori

Postby IntruderEmerald » Fri Oct 26, 2018 2:31 pm


It has been announced, today, that President Lloyd will visit Luthori to discuss a range of issues, including many foreign policy concerns. Reportedly, the president will try convince the Luthorian government to support a trade embargo against Kafuristan. The president also aims to discuss the possibility of a bilateral free trade deal between the two nations.

President Cefin Lloyd:

This is a very serious visit to a close friend, Luthori, and we want to show our commitment to cooperation around Terra. I think Chancellor and Imperial Seal-Bearer John Clinton is doing a fantastic job and I want congratulate him on the election results in 4473 - he is clearly doing a great job and his government is doing a fantastic job. I want to discuss many issues, including Kafuristan and a possible free trade agreement between our two nations. I think business in both countries would benefit massively from any agreement we come to.
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