President Donitz visits Republicca Istaliana

President Donitz visits Republicca Istaliana

Postby M13 » Wed Nov 07, 2018 11:46 am

President Donitz visits Lodamese troops in Istalia
July 2, 4481

Just weeks after the task force, already known as the Lodamese Food Train, reached Istalia, President Thorgan Donitz flew in to visit his troops. It was the very first Presidential visit since the foundation of the Lodamese military contingent permanently based in Istalia at joint base 'Gaston Lefebvre'.
President Donitz inspected the base and also had a chat with some of the military that arrived a few weeks ago in support of the Solentian refugees. The President stated to be amazed by the commitment and professionality he witnessed. He has chosen to stay aboard of the Presidential Command vessel for the night and to continue his visit in the days to come. The President travelled with only his aide-de-camp and secretary, not wanting to cause any inconvenience to the personnel employed oversees. There wasn't any communication whether or not there was or will be any official meeting with Istalian officials or if certain matters would be discussed.
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Re: President Donitz visits Republicca Istaliana

Postby 13ShinyTie » Tue Nov 13, 2018 11:49 pm

Minister of Foreign Affairs Luka di Nero meets President Donitz at formal dinner

After inspecting the Lodamese troops in Istalia which no doubt aid enormously in the dealing with a mass Solentian migrant influx which occurred last year, specifically on the security aspect as the Istalian military and police are shorthanded having to deal with the refugees and with their own public unrests, President Donitz has met with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Istalia, and defeated Presidential candidate, Luka di Nero during a formal dinner in Romula. Di Nero expressed his gratitude as according to him the Lodamese are „saving my a...“ as the Foreign Ministry saw its bureaucratic machine break down in light of such events. The two men have also discussed to prolong the stationing of the troops „until the necessity is no longer there“ and further cooperation On the international but also in the bilateral relations, as Di Nero said: „I will be here [implying the ministry as the political stalemate will not seemingly see a new cabinet and hence Foreign Minister installed soon] for some time, so we will need to continue our truly great dialogue of two truly great nations“. No paperwork has been signed except the prolonging of the troops as the Lodamese President Donitz and the Istalian Foreign Minister Di Nero enjoyed the dinner.
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