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The official visit of the future monarch to Keymon

PostPosted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 5:29 pm
by ChengherRares1
The official visit of Gao-Soto and Hulstria future monarch takes place in March 4542, the meeting being held in Turtle Bay, capital of Keymon. The official visit has a symbolic connotation, meaning that the new monarch will officially make strong ties with Quintu Ciriaccu, a new strong emerging monarch in Keymon, known for his dictatorship and strong military skills. The visit will take one week of preparations for the official arrival of Oscar Verrückt, the not-yet-so-official-de-facto supreme leader, monarch of Gao-Soto. His majesty will be met with great enthusiasm from the Keymon people and it will be a honor for Oscar Verrückt to officiate the official cooperation between their nations, giving Keymon considerable power in the local politics of Gao-Soto regarding military preparations and diplomatic missions.
Themes like military improvement, standards for entering in the new emerging alliance initiated by Keymon, help on military and economic problems of Gao-Soto from Keymon and other plans will be discussed by the two leaders. The meeting will officially take (without preparations and reservation at a hotel) three days, time in which the leaders will be able to do and a visit through capital and speak together. The meeting will be then finished with a ceremonial ending, when Oscar Verrückt will go with the officials of Gao-Soto to the international airport from Turtle Bay.