The official visit between Gao-Soto and Vanuku

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The official visit between Gao-Soto and Vanuku

Postby ChengherRares1 » Tue Mar 12, 2019 2:44 pm

Monarch of Vanuku and Royal Family facing in a friendly discussion the Gao-Soto and Hulstria monarch

On December 10, 4543, a state visit had been made by His Majesty, Oscar Verrückt and Manuel Strecker (Foreign Affairs) to Vanuku, in Wiel. The state visit took three days, in which Banmek-Sntazed discussed with Oscar Verrückt a possible military alliance between the two states. Vanuku and Gao-Soto could sign an historical treaty of friendship between the two nations. With this, Gao-Soto would be able to gain international security and a treaty that will benefit both of nations. The treaty refers to beneficial trade regarding military expenditure, joint exercises and self-defense in case of an attack.

Here are some other photos:
Ceremonies of greeting and formalities before the official meeting

Monarch of Gao-Soto, Oscar Verrückt
Gabriel Boțan,
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