Socialist and Democratic International Conference of Romula

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Socialist and Democratic International Conference of Romula

Postby Ab3012 » Fri Sep 04, 2020 2:58 pm


Prime minister Barbara Lauzi opened today the first Socialist and Democratic International's conference held in Romula.
Many parties from all over the world are gathered in the capital of Istalia to open a new international dialogue between the socialist and democratic parties of the world and to promote a stronger and more effective international cooperation.
But the main topic of the conference will be the persecution of socialist parties and the discrimination of idealogy of Socialism of course. The istalian Socialists and Democrats took initiative to mobilize internationally the socialist political movements because the ban of Socialism from many nations and even those that self-declare to be democracy.
Barbara Lauzi took the floor opening the conference welcoming all the delegations gather in Romula and saying:

Comrades from all over the world, a great idea has been tarnished by the malice of opponents, reactionaries and those who despise freedom. Socialism is almost a tabu word today in too much nations and in some nations it is a crime. In some nation Socialism is put together with words like nazism or fascism. It's a shame! A we must stand together in opposing such a prejudice. Because Socialism was born from the ideals of fairness, equality and altruism. Socialism was born to fight the oppression of man by man and Socialism has been behind some of the greatest cultural, social and civic conquests of humankind. Socialism proved to be able to work within several kind of system of government and it is false saying that each socialist party of the history was aimed to dictature and distruction. For all these reason we propose to adopt a common resolution condemning the demonization and persecution of Socialism and to agree to create a system of international common support for all those parties and political movements persecuted due to such a unfair political behavior. And for support I mean funds butalso legal and political assistance through expertises and of course a great international family behind them to show solidarity and to make pression on the governments and the public opinion of other nations from were socialist parties come. We are not alone! Scialism means solidarity and we must cooperate in order to eradicate the injustice our brothers are facing.
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