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Postby hansoloffson » Wed Jul 04, 2018 12:27 pm

Surge of support for SPD

In the recent snap election, caused by both Labour and the Liberal republicans voting in favour of wage cuts and liberalisation of the economy. The country went the the voting booths once more to cast their vote on who shall lead the nation in the coming four years.
Alice Teodurschu who holds a massive amount of support across party lines campaigned hard in the days leading up to the election and her approval ratings remained high throughout.

The social democratic Party saw large gains across the nation with 142 seats in the diet. The second largest party (LDU) gathering 66 seats in the diet. This sent shock waves throughout the SPD headquarters were press and high standing party members had been invited to view the election.

We saw what they did to us! We saw what they forced upon those that need our help the most. This nation has sent a strong message with this election! We saw the old guard loose even more and the new era of left and center left politics! Thank you too all those who have campaigned and gone so long without sleep knowing that this is the right path for our country! When you vote, when you go through life.
Remember that your heart is on the left!

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Postby Adithya » Wed Jul 04, 2018 3:42 pm

Luthori to Organise Humanitarian Aid Effort in Vanakalam

Luthori Foreign Affairs Minister Philip Taylor Addressing Reporters in Fort William:-


The Foreign Minister of Luthori,Mr.Philip Taylor has announced that the Empire will organise relief efforts in Vanakalam.He says that the Government only intends to help the people who have been caught in the crossfire and are deprived of basic necessities,The Minister Insisted that it should not be construed as Favouring either side in the civil war.He said that Aid Workers will be sent to The Dovanian Nation as soon as possible.

The Minister said that The Nation will send Shipments of Food,Clothing and Medicines.He also Requested the Democratic as well as Communist Forces to "find a solution"so as to ensure the wellbeing of the Vanakalamese People.

The Minister also said that the Government will look at Taking in 5,000 Refugees From the Nation after Proper Consultation with the Diet.He Stated that they will be allowed to enter Luthori only after a careful vetting process,He also said that those With Criminal Records will not be allowed to enter the nation.

He also denied any possibility of the Luthorian Armed Forces being Deployed in the Troubled Nation
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Postby TUSCLeader » Wed Jul 04, 2018 5:49 pm

Sullivan Survives

In a shocking turn of events, the Leader of the TUSC since it's inception, Ben Sullivan, has achieved a stunning victory in the Leadership election he called. His long time rival, Joseph Yates, suffered a stunning defeat in which he only just finished in second place. The results were as follows;

First Round:
Ben Sullivan - 52.0%
Joseph Yates - 23.1%
Paul Emerson - 21.4%
Sam Rawlston - 3.5%

Joseph Yates subsequently announced that he was leaving the TUSC, and wouldn't stand for Re-election to the diet. Paul Emerson congratulated Sullivan on his victory, and pledged his future support. Rawlston's failure to gain any sort of mandate for the Party standing a candidate for Governor General.

The Deputy Leadership race finished up incredibly close, going to the final round;

First Round:
Jennifer Thompson - 22.2%
Liam Owen - 22.0%
Ellesha Wilson - 21.1%
Paul Emerson - 20.3%
Peter Bracknell - 14.4%

Second Round:
Paul Emerson - 26.4%
Liam Owen - 25.1%
Ellesha Wilson - 24.4%
Jennifer Thompson - 24.1%

Third Round:
Liam Owen - 39.3%
Ellesha Wilson - 32.0%
Paul Emerson - 28.7%

Fourth Round:
Ellesha Wilson - 53.4%
Liam Owen - 46.6%

The results of the elections were a triumph for the TUSC's Trade Unionist faction, although the slightly more Liberal views of Wilson compared to the likes of Liam Owen and Aaron West has given some socially Liberal members some hope of the Party pushing for Liberal reforms in Government
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Postby LegolasRedbard » Wed Jul 11, 2018 12:22 pm


After leading the Labour Party to their worst electoral defeat ever, the man who was meant to be the man who modernized Labour and bring them into government has been rejected by his own party. At a special session of the Labour Party's National Executive Committee on February 14th, an overwhelming number of delegates, 81% to be exact, voted to end Louis Booth's leadership of the Labour Party. A new leadership will, therefore, be held, with the winner announced at the Labour Party's annual conference, which the NEC voted to bring forward to July for this year, in order to speed up the electoral process. Louis Booth has announced his resignation from politics and vacated his seat in Tinako Archduchy. Some of the contenders to replace him have already declared:

Hugh Wilkinson: The 56-year-old Finance Spokesman barely held onto his seat at the election earlier this month, but has shifted to the left to campaign for the leadership. His newfound socialist beliefs may gain him some support, but many of the left in the party still hold him in contempt for voting in favor of the Neoliberal Economic Bill, a move which cost Labour their position in the Coalition government.

Sarah Olney: The 40-year-old progressive, if elected, would be the first female leader of the Labour Party. Having served as Richard Anderson's parliamentary secretary, she was appointed to the Shadow Justice Ministry team in 4408. When Louis Booth succeeded Martin Smith in 4410, she was promoted to Shadow Justice Minister. She was one of the first to call for a vote of no confidence in Mr. Booth's leadership, however, which has led to many within the party seeing her as scheming and treacherous. However, her views on justice are popular, which should help her.

Jac Campbell: The 51-year-old is the longest-serving member of the Labour Party frontbenches, having first been appointed as a Shadow Education Minister by Martin Smith in 4397. Under Richard Anderson, she served as Shadow Trade and Industry Minister, before being promoted to Shadow Interior Ministry in 4410. She is more centrist than the other two declared candidates and is still popular amongst the older, more socialist, party members who remember her as a young, fiery speaker in the days where the Labour Party was the largest party.

There are also rumors that Richard Anderson is plotting a return. The 67-year-old has been the candidate for Governor-General since his resignation as Leader in 4410. He was colossally unpopular when he resigned, but in later years has rehabilitated his image.
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Postby TUSCLeader » Thu Jul 12, 2018 5:28 am

TUSC achieve stunning victory

The opinion polls between the LDU and SDP had been tight throughout the whole campaign, but the result, when it came, was emphatic and unbelievable. The TUSC, a Party that had never even finished second before, became the largest party for the first time in it's history. The Party Leader Ben Sullivan made a triumphant speech to party workers following the election;

Thank you, Thank you comrades. This has been one of the most stunning election results in Luthori history. The working class of this country has stood up and said loudly and clearly that we've had enough of half measures to improve our standard of living, and if the older parties can't achieve that for us then we'll turn to a new alternative. This result would not have been possible without the incredible commitment of every party worker, trade union members and Our whole parliamentary team. We'll have our fun tonight, but then the job begins for real. Thank you all so much for the faith you have shown in me as Party Leader, and I hope I have now delivered on your trust
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Postby LegolasRedbard » Thu Jul 12, 2018 3:06 pm


Jac Campbell has narrowly won the Labour leadership election ahead of Sarah Olney. In what became a race between the New Labour and Progressive wings of the party, Campbell beat Olney to become the party's first female leader, and the successor to Louis Booth.

Round 1

Sarah Olney - 34%
Jac Campbell - 29%
Hugh Wilkinson - 25%
Rebecca Anderson - 10%
Leanne Booth - 2% - Eliminated

Round 2

Sarah Olney - 31%
Jac Campbell - 30%
Hugh Wilkinson - 23%
Rebecca Anderson - 16% - Eliminated

Round 3

Sarah Olney: 39%
Jac Campbell: 35%
Hugh Wilkinson: 26% - Eliminated

Round 4

Jac Campbell: 56%
Sarah Olney: 44%

Campbell promised to lead the party to greater electoral success, and to not focus on the divisions of the past. She also made reference to Sarah Olney, who has been sacked from the Shadow Cabinet and replaced with Olivia Walker, and the controversial circumstances surrounding the vote of no confidence in Louis Booth, by saying that votes of no confidence would no longer be limited to the "backstabbing backrooms of the Imperial Diet" and announcing new rules that makes the party's internal mechanisms.

As for Mr Booth himself, he congratulated Mrs. Campbell on her victory, vowing to support the new leader "100%". Sarah Olney was rather more reserved, saying that she would support Mrs Campbell, but would "continue to fight for progressive politics within the party"
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Postby TUSCLeader » Thu Jul 12, 2018 10:41 pm

Cabinet passes as Sullivan becomes Chancellor

The TUSC have achieved a first in the party's history today, with the swearing in of the new cabinet, including the new Chancellor Ben Sullivan. Sullivan promised to tackle the “burning injustices" of Luthori society. He also took the time to congratulate Jac Campbell on her election as Labour Leader.

I'm sure she'll do a fantastic job as Leader of the Labour Party, and I wish her every success electorally. I look forward to us working together for working families in Government

Sullivan must have had sympathy for departing Leader Louis Booth, who was forced out by party pressure, considering Sullivan himself was nearly forced out by the TUSC as Leader just 4 years ago.
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Postby hansoloffson » Sat Jul 14, 2018 5:36 am

Alice Teodurschu resigns party leadership!

Soon after the Cabinet had passed on the Diet and Mr Sullivan had been made Chancellor, long time leader and four term Chancellor, Alice Teodurschu resigned from all party positions.
Since early in my life I've served this country. I've either led it with the people behind me or opposed radical policies proposed by the right. I am incredibly proud of what I've achieved in my time as Chancellor. Buy it is now time for me to do other things, to focus on my family and catch up on all that which I have missed.

With the new Social Democratic Congress soon thereafter a new leader was soon choosen.

The leadership election seemed to be borderline uncontested between classical Social Democrat Carl Nicholas Hall and leader of the Socialist youth part Camilla Hess.

Carl Nicholas Hall won with 74% of the Congressional support. The new party leader shows the SPD taking a step to the right socially and a step left economically. The 32 year old held a speech on his leadership win

The world is a dangerous place, communists, nazi's and religious fundamentalists. All threatening to tear away the fabric of our society. But those as of now are foregin threats. The threat at home is that of neo liberalism. Which I will never allow to grow too large.

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Postby Yolo04 » Mon Jul 23, 2018 10:39 pm

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Postby Zeek15 » Tue Jul 24, 2018 1:55 am

Conservatives Set to Support Government Budget
May 4428 - Fort William, Orange
Article from the Luthori Daily Register

Conservative leader Amanda Hall discussing why she and her party intend to support
the recent budget put forth by the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition.

Since the passage of the Government Responsibilities Act, every Luthorian government has the responsibility to pass a government financial plan (budget) once during their tenure. The first government responsible for this is Alice Teodurschu's, the Social Democrat Chancellor that recently renounced leadership of her party. Causing great debate, the current opposition, led by the fiery speeches of Conservative and LDU leaders, seems set to oppose everything that the socialist coalition believes in. With recent proposals for changes to education, the justice system, and personal and corporate taxation, it was a great shock to the Luthorian Diet when Ms. Hall announced that her party will support the budget aspect of the current government's financial plan. In defence of her party's support, Ms. Hall said,

It is not our obligation as a party to oppose everything the government proposes. Of course, we have many ideological differences with the current government, but we believe their budget will work for Luthori at this time. Their increases in spending on infrastructure, in particular, led us to approve of the budget.

Hall then continued to discuss her party's plans to propose their 4430 election platform in the coming months, saying that they will reaffirm their position as a fiscally responsible, conservative-libertarian party committed to supporting the rights, freedoms, and traditions that Luthorians hold dear.

Jackson Armstrong - LDR Political Correspondent
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